teach your kids about money

4 Things You Need To Teach Your Kids About Money

Shockingly, most schools don’t teach children about how to save money, create a budget, or make smart financial decisions. Odd right? These financial skills are critically important to be able to navigate life. Since the school system doesn’t teach these skills, YOU will need to educate your children about the personal finance issues they will […]

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transform your finances

All or Nothing – How to Transform Your Finances in 1 Hour Each Month

All or Nothing Day is usually thought of as a day of extremes.  Being extreme can be fun on occasion but probably won’t help to improve your finances but taking one hour each month to focus on your finances will.  Here are several tips to help you transform your finances:   Track Your Spending It’s […]

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protect yourself

How to Protect Yourself When Traveling

Whether you are traveling within your home country or traveling abroad.  It’s always good to plan ahead for your own protection and for the protection of your loved ones.  The wise teacher Dalai Lama said: “Once a year go someplace you’ve never been before.”  Traveling the world is on many peoples bucket lists,  here are […]

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When Your Parents

What to do When Your Parents Won’t Pay for College Tuition

With college tuition costs continuing to rise faster than the rate of inflation, more parents are struggling with the idea that paying for college is exclusively a parental responsibility.  The average yearly cost for tuition, room and board at a 4 year public university now costs $16,614 and $39,569 at a private university.  That puts […]

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Brighten up the Rooms

5 Budget-Saving Tips for Your Home Renovation Project

Sometimes, you feel like simply decorating your home is not enough. You may have that urge to do big changes to it but there’s one thing that’s hindering you—renovations are expensive. It’s not as affordable as simple carpet cleaning in Adelaide or in any other part of Australia. From the materials you will use to […]

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peer loan investing

Avoid these Risks in Peer to Peer Loan Investing

The emergence of online investing platforms opened the door to low cost stock investing in the late 90s but the benefit has never extended to fixed income investing. Investors looking for their allocation to safer, income-producing bonds still pay relatively higher fees and have difficulty buying enough bonds to diversify their portfolio. That is, until […]

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web vulnerability stats

How to Protect Yourself While Using Free Wi-Fi & Public Internet

According to a 2013 report by Norton Security, a staggering 68% of public internet wi-fi users are victims of a cybercrime annually .  You should never assume a public wi-fi hotspot is secure and if a WPA or WPA2 password is not required, it probably isn’t secure.  Hackers often create fake or rogue wi-fi hotspots […]

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financial problems

4 Reasons a Budget May Not Solve Your Financial Problems

Even though the stock markets have recovered nicely from the turmoil of 2008, many people are struggling and have not benefited fully from the recovery.  During the height of the Great Recession, nearly 700,000 Americans lost their jobs each month. According to the Hamilton Project, a study of full-time workers who lost their jobs between […]

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summer travel

4 Ways to Make Summer Travel More Affordable

With summer travel season right around the corner, many families are busy planning where to visit or making air and lodging reservations.  We have put together a few easy ways you can cut the cost of any summer vacation.   Try Out a Vacation Rental Renting a vacation property can be an excellent way to […]

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Hitting Tenerife: Backpacking Around the Island

With its endless beaches and sprawling resorts, Tenerife may be the first choice for that annual family holiday. But it has plenty more to offer for travelers of all ages, especially if you’re on a backpacking adventure. For starters, the island is easy to get to, since Tenerife flights are very affordable, and you’ll have more […]

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