maintain cash flow

How to Maintain Cash Flow With Your Business [Infographic]

Cash flow in business is a simple concept, but it is much easier said than done. The basic concept of cash flow is that there is always enough money coming into your business to keep operations moving. If you ever have more money going out than coming in, your cash flow is insufficient, and your […]

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discount insurance

The Hidden Cost of Discount Insurance

Discount Insurance May Cost You More in the Long Run There are a lot of discount insurance companies out there that offer insurance at state minimums – that is the absolute minimum coverage that you are required to have by law. While a lot of these minimum coverage plans make is possible for millions of people to afford […]

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How to Save Money – Educating One Reader at a Time – Giveaway

If seven years ago someone would say that I will be an author of several personal finance books I would think that this person is out of his rocker. How a person not even reading a book could possibly become a writer – well it happened to me. My name is Richard Pan and I […]

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saving for retirement

Saving for Retirement – Tips for Late Starters

Are your retirement years fast approaching and your savings not fitting the bill?  According to the Employee Benefit Research Institute, 58% of Americans 55 and older have less than $100,000 in savings.  There is a smaller percentage (19%) who have $250,000 or more for retirement.  A lack of retirement savings seems to be a concern […]

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good financial advice

5 Tricks to Spot Good Financial Advice

Any time you need financial advice, and you turn to the Internet for help with it, the results can be hit or miss. More often than not, this is because when you need help it’s because you don’t know enough about the topic to tell if someone is providing helpful advice, or just filling your […]

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college financial education

What are the Benefits of a College Financial Education?

Choosing a degree is always difficult for students; there are so many courses on offer at college that it can be daunting. For those students interested in business, the choice doesn’t necessarily get easier, especially as it is understood that a business degree actually covers a variety of courses which you can specialize in. These […]

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dilapidating house

Quick Fixes for a Dilapidating House

Is your house showing its age recently? Do you feel like you are constantly battling things that are wearing out or breaking in your home? I think we have all been there done that. The good news is that there are some quick and easy fixes for some of those common problems that arise in […]

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money mistakes

Are You Making These Top 4 Money Mistakes?

We all make mistakes and finances are no exception. In fact, most Americans typically struggle with personal finance due to a number of reasons chief among them a lack of personal finance education provided to school age children. Here are the top 4 money mistakes and some practical advice on how to avoid making them […]

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How to Lower Your Electricity Bill

Focus on High Electricity Use Items First Perform Home Energy Audit: To identify ways you can reduce energy cost in your home use the US EPA Energy Star Home Energy Yardstick. Use a Programmable Thermostat: Cool your home to 78 degrees or warmer in the Summer. For additional savings, set the thermostat to 82 degrees […]

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bathroom lighting

Light Up Your Loo: Bathroom Lighting to Get Happy About

Let’s face it. Bathrooms are probably the most unloved and under respected rooms in the house, yet we all use them, usually several times a day. In fact, we’ll often bang on the door just for the chance to get access. Why, then, do we not treat these rooms like the stars they are? Many […]

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