flea market flipping

An Expert Flipper’s Guide to Making Money Flea Market Flipping

To my friends I’m known as the ‘go-to’ guy for deals.  When anyone is looking to buy something at a discounted price, they ask me if I already own it, or they ask me to find it for them. Chances are I probably have it in my garage – I am not a hoarder I […]

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Metro Areas with the Greatest Share of Millennials Living Solo

Across the United States, almost 9 percent of millennials live alone. This number has been declining since 2005, likely due to unaffordable rents and growing home values. This past year alone, home values across the nation are up 5 percent and rents have increased by 3 percent. With rents forecasted to increase by another 3 […]

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family holiday

Is a Cruise the Perfect Family Holiday?

Many people are often reluctant to replace their usual package holiday with a cruise. As most people only get one holiday a year, and don’t want to spend the next 12 months regretting their decision! However, the standard and variety of cruise holidays is increasing all the time. They are no longer only aimed at […]

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financing small businesses

Financing Small Businesses with Peer to Peer Lending

Lack of financing and poor cash flow cause 95% of small business failures within the first five years of startup. Having a cash flow plan is essential for the long-term stability of any business.  Yet many small businesses struggle with finding adequate financing when the inevitable cash shortage happens since it is often difficult for these […]

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buying condominium

The Potential Risks of Buying a Condominium

As with any great and large investment, buying a property comes with its shares of potential pitfalls and considerations. A condo can become a purchase that changes your life, and the life of your children. It can hold value, become a long-term place of residence, or even a source of income. Or, it can become […]

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slang language

Learn the Local Slang Language Before You Travel

Traveling to a new place allows us to experience different cultures and meet new people. Some of the true gifts of travel is that you can discover new things about yourself, gain a different perspective on your place in the world, and become more aware of how different and diverse people are. Travel can change […]

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value of one dollar

The Value of One Dollar Around the World

Since the early 2000’s, traveling Americans have had to endure steep costs due to the struggling value of the U.S. Dollar. Not that long ago the exchange rate for the British pound and the Euro was 2:1. With the economic state the dollar was in it made it difficult for Americans to travel to many […]

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summer travel

4 Ways to Make Summer Travel More Affordable

With summer travel season right around the corner, many families are busy planning where to visit or making air and lodging reservations.  We have put together a few easy ways you can cut the cost of any summer vacation.   Try Out a Vacation Rental Renting a vacation property can be an excellent way to […]

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wedding ceremony

5 Creative Ways to Repurpose Wedding Ceremony Flowers

When you think about a wedding, what is the first image that comes into your mind besides the bride and the groom? Flowers, right? This is because you usually see tons and tons of flowers in a wedding ceremony and in the reception. It is fairly common for the bride and sometimes, the groom, to […]

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boomerang children

Helping Your Boomerang Children to Live Independently

With the rise in adult children living back at home, parents of the boomerang generation are trying to find ways to help their children live independently.  There are quite a few ways that parents can give their children stepping stones necessary to live on their own.  Boomerang children move back home with their parents and […]

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reaching your goals

Success: What’s Holding You Back From Reaching Your Goals?

Success is a combination of persistence, timing, networking, financing, and a myriad of other factors outside your control. We often learn more about ourselves from the failures in our lives and these experiences play a large part in how we deal with success. So why do some succeed when others fail?   Afraid of Success? […]

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10 Principles of Psychology You Can Use to Improve Your Trading

Trading carries a much higher risk than other commonly used investing strategies, such as long-term investments in bonds, ETFs, mutual funds, or stocks. If you have a low risk tolerance or are trading with funds you can’t afford to lose, you shouldn’t be trading. There is no one strategy that will ensure success in every […]

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short-term trading

Principles of Short-Term Trading

New forex traders need to choose trading strategies that will suit their lifestyle and trading preferences. One of the decisions you need to make is whether to do long term positional trading or to be a short-term trader. Short-term trading involves the use of forex trading strategies that will capture the opportunity to make good […]

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