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forget the coupons

Money Saving Tips – Forget the Coupons

Yup, you heard that right, forget the coupons! Coupons are an extremely effective marketing strategy grocery stores and food manufacturers use to get consumers to try new products.  Unless the coupon is for a product that you use regularly you are better off not purchasing the item. Instead, stick to what’s on your grocery list […]

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fun and frugal barbecue

How to Have a Successful, Fun and Frugal Barbecue

With the summer weather beginning to peak and the days at their longest, now’s the time to take advantage of your outdoor space by organizing a barbecue amongst family and friends. It may feel like a potentially expensive and complicated task, but it can actually be a simple, fun time for everyone to gather together […]

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peer loan investing

Avoid these Risks in Peer to Peer Loan Investing

The emergence of online investing platforms opened the door to low cost stock investing in the late 90s but the benefit has never extended to fixed income investing. Investors looking for their allocation to safer, income-producing bonds still pay relatively higher fees and have difficulty buying enough bonds to diversify their portfolio. That is, until […]

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good night sleep

5 Things You Need to Know for a Good Night Sleep

What is keeping you up at night? Why can’t you sleep well at night? Even though these two questions are similar, they are very much different and the answer to these questions can be the difference between a long sleepless night and  a restful night of sleep. Smell We often think that a smell that […]

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student loan debt

Two Tips to Tackle Student Loan Debt

With the election season upon us, many issues are coming to the forefront ahead of the 2016 election season. One of the more controversial issues has been student loan debt. Traditionally, student loan debt hasn’t been the most interesting topic for politicians and mainstream media. That being said, student loans have become such an enormous […]

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personal loan

4 Questions to Ask Before You Apply for a Personal Loan

Personal loans are loans issued by banks, private lenders, and credit unions. Some more popular uses of personal loans are to consolidate credit card debt, pay for major home improvements or repairs, and other items like vacations.  Before you sign on the dotted line there are some questions you should ask to ensure a personal […]

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