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five love languages

The Five Love Languages of Tenant Landlord Relationships

Landlords and tenants share the most intimate thing two people can share: their home. It’s an unusual relationship: most tenants never meet their landlord (or someone from management). We are used to navigating relationships with our significant others, family members, co-workers and friends. These relationships take time, effort, and communication to work. The Landlord/Tenant relationship […]

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Top iOS and Android Apps to Stay on Top of the Stock and Options Markets

  Nowadays keeping track of the stock market, and more importantly your portfolio, has become easier than ever. Hundreds of different apps and websites are out there for you take advantage of. If you need to figure out an investing plan, stay up to date on the markets or just generally like staying informed, there […]

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freelancer tax deductions

How to Make the Most of Freelancer Tax Deductions

What does the US Tax Code have in common with 12 copies of the King James Bible? They’re the same length. That’s right, the US Tax Code is 10 million words long. Fortunately you don’t have to know it all to save some money.   Learn the basics and save If you’re confused by tax […]

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paying off debt

Top Reasons You’re Not Saving and Paying Off Debt

Americans feel saving and paying off debt is a high priority however, many are not saving as much as they would like.  According to a recent survey by Discover Personal Loans, 40% of Americans have reduced the amount they are saving and 38% were saving to pay off debt.  Here are several reasons why we […]

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get control of your finances

4 Easy Steps to Get Control of Your Finances

Are your finances a mess?  If you are living paycheck to paycheck it just might be time to get control of your finances.  We put together 4 easy steps that will help you get your finances back on track. 1.  Put a Hold on Unnecessary Spending Lets face it, if your spending is out of […]

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