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Why You Have to Visit Virginia Beach at Least Once in Your Lifetime

People travel for a variety for reasons, from exploration and adventure to creating memories with the people we love. There are countless destinations to visit throughout the United States that we could easily place on our vacation wish list. What you might not know, is that Virginia Beach is one of the great American jewels […]

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What Could Brexit Mean for the Bank of England Base Rate & UK homeowners?

The borrowing costs for buyers and homeowners are expected to rise if the UK opts to leave the European Union according to Chancellor of the Exchequer, George Osborne. According to the Chancellor, households will have to ‘pay the price’ for Brexit in the form of higher mortgage rates as lenders will be forced to react […]

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boomerang children

Helping Your Boomerang Children to Live Independently

With the rise in adult children living back at home, parents of the boomerang generation are trying to find ways to help their children live independently.  There are quite a few ways that parents can give their children stepping stones necessary to live on their own.  Boomerang children move back home with their parents and […]

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expensive to insure

What’s More Expensive to Insure, a Car or a Truck?

When you think about the specifics of a given vehicle, there are a lot of features that you need to consider. One of the most important things you should think about is what the insurance package will include in the coverage of your vehicle. After understanding what the package includes, you’ll begin to think about […]

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The Cost of Learning a Language

The origins of human language may always remain a mystery, but over the past two centuries the origin of individual native languages has been the subject of numerous studies. There are nearly 5,000 languages that are spoken in the world today. It is interesting to note that a third of them are spoken in Africa. […]

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