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college student survival guide

The Broke Canadian College Student Survival Guide: Five Penny-Pinching Tips

Whether you’re currently working on your degree or are thinking about going back to school, there’s no denying that money’s tight when you’re a student. Even though some Canadian colleges offer affordable tuition, the fact remains that students today need to keep their budgets as trim as possible. Between the difficulties of finding steady work […]

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dining well on a budget

Traveling Taste Buds: Dining Well On A Budget On The Road

It’s tasty, but expensive. When you travel, eating out exposes you to some of the most amazing food you’ll ever eat – especially if you’re traveling in a foreign country. But, that food bill can get out of control. So, here’s how to reign it in and stay within your budget. Eat For Free No, […]

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new car deal

Preapproved Means Prepared: How to Land the Best New Car Deal

It makes sense to take out a loan to buy a home because if you waited until you put the money together, you would grow old waiting. Cars, however, cost a tenth of what homes cost. When you finance a $30,000 car for four years, you easily add $4,000 to it before you own it outright. It’s […]

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minimize home expenses

How to Minimize Your Home Expenses

Owning a home gives you a sense of accomplishment in life and a feeling of freedom now that you are no longer at the mercies of your landlord every other month. But as always, freedom usually come accompanied with responsibilities. If you bought your house through a mortgage loan, your major responsibility will be to […]

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buying used

Buying a Used Car is Better Than Buying New, Right?

There has been an ongoing conversation about the economics of used vs. new cars since the invention of the horseless carriage. Frugal people tend to cite statistics like “You lose 40% of the value of the car when you drive it off the lot!” which may or may not be made up. In any case, […]

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punch debt

11 Things You Can Do to Punch Debt in the Face

 What do you do when you look around and all you see are piles and piles of debt? Do you find yourself living from paycheck to paycheck and unable to save for the future? Figures show that the average debtor in the UK neck deep in debt of £16,753. But you certainly do not have to lose in […]

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