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money saving tips

Money Saving Tips – Avoid These Impulse Buying Triggers

Have you ever made a purchase without really thinking about it?  Why do you think retail stores place all those items just before you get to the checkout register? They know this is the last opportunity they have to get you to spend more money! Because It’s On Sale! 88% of all impulse buying is […]

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DIY Classes

Frugal Living Tip: Consider DIY Classes Before Starting a Project

DIY Many people cringe at the thought of do it yourself.  The key to a positive DIY experience is to 1) have the skills necessary to successfully complete the project  2) have the time and motivation to finish the project.  Most DIY project failures are a result of not having one of these 3 components. […]

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manage subscriptions

Frugal Living Tip – Manage Subscriptions to Save Money & Time

From newspaper subscriptions to magazine subscriptions to online subscriptions, the cost of subscriptions can add up quickly. Magazine subscriptions can cost from $12-$35+ per year and with all the great online content out there you can save money by canceling your subscription and getting your information online for free. A great way to manage your […]

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energy saving tips

Money Saving Tips – Energy Saving Tips to Avoid

Upgrading an appliance to a new energy efficient model may save you money on your electric bill but it’s not always the right move financially.  Here are some energy saving tips that you may want to avoid: Wait on Those LED Bulbs – LED bulbs are expensive, costing between $17-$35 each for a 60 watt […]

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wedding pictures

Money Saving Tips – Take Your Own Wedding Pictures

With the average cost of a typical professional wedding photographer costing $3000 and up, more and more couples are taking their own wedding pictures. Chances are you probably know someone that has a knack for taking great pictures or someone that has a professional digital camera.  Why not ask them to take the pictures at […]

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go green

The Car Commuter: How to Go Green and Save Money Simultaneously

In recent times, there has been a push to show that cycling is the way forward when it comes to saving money, increasing the amount of exercise you do and lowering road congestion. However, for practical reasons, many people can’t or won’t cycle to work and continue to use a car for the daily commute. […]

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