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how to be frugal

How to Be Frugal – 8 Easy Tips

Living with the word ‘budget’ hanging over your head everyday isn’t a very nice way to live, and besides the stress that financial worries can cause, living on a budget often leads to families favoring the cheap option over the frugal one. After all, being frugal is about making the most of your money and […]

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smaller homes

Downsizing Your Living Quarters: The Trend Towards Smaller Homes

Traditionally the trend when people buy new homes is that they always buy bigger. This isn’t always true anymore. There’s a new trend toward people building and buying homes with smaller square footage than in previous decades. There’s even a conference in the United States dedicated to the tiny house trend. Read on to find […]

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living leaner

Living Leaner: Reasons Downsizing is a Smart Move for Everyone

Marketers do their best to convince people that more and bigger is better, but as many individuals find out, having a bunch of stuff usually doesn’t do anybody any favors. In fact,  researchers have noted that, the more people acquire, the more miserable they often become. Downsizing might be just the ticket to the fulfilling […]

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buying a used car

How to Save Money by Buying a Used Car

I have a 2001 Ford F150 Super Crew pickup sitting in my driveway and I plan on having it for a while longer. While a 14-year old car isn’t for everyone, there are many benefits to buying a used or second-hand car. After reading this, you’ll want to find a cheap car now.   Depreciation New […]

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frugal classroom activities

A Guide to Frugal Classroom Activities for Teachers

Providing fun and engaging classroom activities for students is a top priority for every Teacher and being able to do this on a budget can be a challenge. If you’re looking to save money on supplies for your classroom activities, try the following strategies. Design Classroom Activities That Use Common Household Items Designing classroom activities that […]

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save money around the house

Eight Quick and Easy Tips for Saving Money Around the House

Everybody, regardless of demographics or income level, wants to lower their cost of living. Where many people get tripped up, though, is in focusing on ideas that are hard to execute properly or that have a poor return. In this article, however, we’re going to show you several easy ways to reduce the money you […]

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