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frugal vs cheap

Frugal vs Cheap: When Is It Time to Get Some Advice?

Spending Too Much Trying To Save? The lines have become blurred in the mind of the consumer between being frugal, and being cheap. If you buy off-brands, generic brands, or brands you have never heard of for an astonishing deal only to have it fall apart between one month, and one year you can understand [...]

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eating healthy and saving money

Why Eating Healthy and Saving Money Don’t Have to be Exclusive

Interesting Healthy Foods For Frugal Shoppers Healthy foods do not have to be the expensive health foods that have their own aisle at the store. In fact, healthy foods can be very inexpensive when the family is considering changing their lifestyle towards healthier eating. Therefore, the most frugal foods are the more healthy foods that [...]

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back to school

A Frugal Approach to Going Back to School

When you have decided to go back to school, there are a number of ways you can save money. When you take a frugal approach, you can gain an education while preparing yourself for a financially secure future. Finance Your Education By Choosing An Online School Online education is the economically sound choice. When you [...]

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making travel more affordable

A Frugal Approach to Making Travel More Affordable

Setting A Realistic Travel Budget A vacation is always lovely, but only if it does not leave you broke when it is finished. If you want to take a trip, make sure that you have a solid budget ahead of time. Below are six areas of interest that can help you to set up a [...]

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frugality is a good thing

Festival of Frugality #399 – Frugality is a Good Thing

Welcome to the 399th Edition of The Festival of Frugality.  We are pleased to share the following articles on frugality and personal finance. Please remember to link back to this carnival if your post was included, if you’d like to submit a post to an upcoming festival, you can do that here. Richard Adams presents [...]

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stop losing money

How to Stop Losing Money While You Sleep

Did you every stop to think about how much money you are losing while you sleep? How is this possible you say? According to the American Electronics Association (CEA), the average American household now owns 24 electronic products. With the majority of these electronic devices requiring a permanent connection to the electrical grid, phantom energy [...]

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