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improve air quality

How to Improve Air Quality in Your Home

There are so many different things that a homeowner has to keep up with in order to keep their residence and all of its systems running smoothly. Without a lot of hard work, it will be nearly impossible for a homeowner to avoid issues within their home. One of the biggest concerns that a homeowner […]

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wardrobe essentials

6 Wardrobe Essentials Every Woman Must Own

  Have you ever found yourself staring at your closet full of clothes and not being able to decide what to wear?  What if I only had one more pair of shoes to go with that favorite outfit? Instead of spending like that, invest on some timeless pieces and the wardrobe essentials. Below is a list of 8 […]

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home renovation

The Cost of Home Renovation – DIY vs Hiring a Contractor

When looking to renovate your home, there are a multitude of strategies available for homeowners based on their allowance.  Obviously, the more renovation experts that are hired to perform the duty, the more expensive the project will become. On the other hand, the more work you do yourself will eliminate pricey labor, thus making the […]

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staying safe with medicine

Your Health: Staying Safe with Medicine

Americans have come to rely on medicine to combat aches and pains to cancer.  This reliance on medication has lead to unrealistic expectations and a dangerous increase in drug overdose.  Here are some tips that can keep you safe with medicine. Medicine Isn’t Magic Modern medicine is a wonderful thing but keeping your expectations in […]

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kitchen tile

Save Time and Money While You Update Your Home!

It’s the perfect time of the year to begin improving your home. Small problems grow and will cost thousands in the long run. Before that damp bathroom, loose doorknob, or leaky faucet become money pits it’s time to make some repairs and update your home. Small updates not only correct any problems, they improve the […]

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food prep organization

Food Prep: Saving Time and Money in the Kitchen

Preparing healthy meals can be a challenge especially when a busy schedule can make it difficult to offer healthy foods to your family at meal-time.  Here are some tips that can cut food prep time and save you money preparing food in the kitchen.   Organize the Fridge How many times have you thrown out expired or […]

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