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investors are choosing forex

Why First Time Investors are Choosing Forex

For people who like to research investing on the web, reading  top finance blogs is a good place to find information that can help you understand the topic. One hot topic of the last couple of years, which hasn’t seemed to have gone the way of the dinosaur, is Forex trading. Tickmill is just one example of […]

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Personal Loans

Top Reasons You’re Not Saving and Paying Off Debt

Americans feel saving and paying off debt is a high priority however, many are not saving as much as they would like.  According to a recent survey by Discover Personal Loans, 40% of Americans have reduced the amount they are saving and 38% were saving to pay off debt.  Here are several reasons why we […]

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Family Finances - Tips for Avoiding Conflict

Family Finances – Tips for Avoiding Conflict

Nothing can raise the stress levels like discussing family finances according to the American Institute of CPAs (AICPA). Discussing the family finances causes more arguments between couples – 3 per month on average – than any other topic. So what causes most arguments about finances? The majority of couples state that misunderstandings between needs versus […]

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how to use carrying trades

How to Use Carrying Trades in the FOREX Market

Carrying Trades And Targeting Risk Averse Trades The beginning of September saw early rises for the Yen and the Euro as investors looked for ways to counteract the risk that accompanied investing in global stocks. A carrying trade is simply the purchase of a high-yielding currency using a low-yielding currency, and as the European Central […]

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Organize Your Financial Life

Money Saving Tips – Organize Your Financial Life

Believe it or not, one of the best ways to save money is to get organized.  Using financial software to keep track of spending and having a system for paying bills will ensure that you avoid unnecessary bank fees or penalties and set aside funds for future goals. Here are several tips that you can […]

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money leeches

Finding Money Leeches, and Savings Thousands

Money Leech is a term sometimes used to describe companies and services which surreptitiously take money out of your account, usually without you realizing it. In most cases, the action is not illegal. It’s simply something you agreed to at some point or other, sometimes without your knowing. In cases like that, consumers will often […]

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