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stop overspending

3 Simple Steps to Stop Overspending

If you admit to being an over-spender you’re not alone. Total debt in the U.S. has reached $11.9 Trillion dollars while the average american household has over $7900 in credit card debt, $10,000 in auto loans, and over $100,000 in mortgage loans. While robust consumer spending is an important driving factor for the U.S. economy, […]

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make more money

5 Ways to Make More Money

Wouldn’t it be nice to have more money?  Of course it would be! Because you work so hard for your money, it makes sense that you should want your money to work just as hard for you! The more money you earn, the easier it is to pay your bills and extra income even makes some […]

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find your next job

5 Ways to Find Your Next Job

When it comes to job hunting, most people know to check the employment guide in Saturday’s newspaper or log onto their favorite online job search engine. There are other ways to help secure your dream job though – and sometimes you don’t even need to wait for the position to be advertised. Below are five […]

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questions to ask at every interview

10 Essential Questions To Ask At Every Interview

Looking for a job can be a stressful task. No one likes rejection and the interview process puts you face to face with rejection each time you begin answering the interview questions. Not only do you have to answer interview questions, you also have the opportunity to ask questions. Asking the right questions can help […]

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Home Repair Costs

Real Estate and Self-Directed IRAs

Self-Directed IRA Growing in Popularity   If you are contemplating adding real estate to your investment portfolio you may want to consider a Self-Directed IRA as a possible financing option.  With the recent downturn in the real estate market, values for real estate in some markets have plummeted by as much as 50%, investors are […]

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online succes

Why Engagement Is Key To Online Success

Engagement Is Key To Online Success And Web Redesign Could Help Improve That From the internet bubble and burst of the 1990s to the beginning of age of social networking in 2000s, businesses have made several strides towards increasing engagement with their customers. Engagement is seen as one of the most crucial aspects of succeeding […]

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