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maintain cash flow

How to Maintain Cash Flow With Your Business [Infographic]

Cash flow in business is a simple concept, but it is much easier said than done. The basic concept of cash flow is that there is always enough money coming into your business to keep operations moving. If you ever have more money going out than coming in, your cash flow is insufficient, and your […]

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discount insurance

The Hidden Cost of Discount Insurance

Discount Insurance May Cost You More in the Long Run There are a lot of discount insurance companies out there that offer insurance at state minimums – that is the absolute minimum coverage that you are required to have by law. While a lot of these minimum coverage plans make is possible for millions of people to afford […]

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How to Save Money – Educating One Reader at a Time – Giveaway

If seven years ago someone would say that I will be an author of several personal finance books I would think that this person is out of his rocker. How a person not even reading a book could possibly become a writer – well it happened to me. My name is Richard Pan and I […]

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forex trading strategies

The Most Suitable Forex Trading Strategies for Part-time Investors

Despite supposedly widespread economic growth, many consumers are continuing to struggle with dwindling savings and low levels of disposable income. While some may attribute this partially to irresponsible spending, the fact remains that the average national wage continues to stagnate while the rate of inflation and the cost of living continue to soar. So rather […]

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saving for retirement

Saving for Retirement – Tips for Late Starters

Are your retirement years fast approaching and your savings not fitting the bill?  According to the Employee Benefit Research Institute, 58% of Americans 55 and older have less than $100,000 in savings.  There is a smaller percentage (19%) who have $250,000 or more for retirement.  A lack of retirement savings seems to be a concern […]

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good financial advice

5 Tricks to Spot Good Financial Advice

Any time you need financial advice, and you turn to the Internet for help with it, the results can be hit or miss. More often than not, this is because when you need help it’s because you don’t know enough about the topic to tell if someone is providing helpful advice, or just filling your […]

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