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liquor law attorney

Why You Should Hire a Liquor Law Attorney

When opening a restaurant, having a liquor license can really help boost sales. It brings in more business, allows you to sell more product to current customers and can really take the restaurant experience to a brand new level. However, obtaining a liquor license isn’t a simple walk in the park. There are a few […]

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buying condominium

The Potential Risks of Buying a Condominium

As with any great and large investment, buying a property comes with its shares of potential pitfalls and considerations. A condo can become a purchase that changes your life, and the life of your children. It can hold value, become a long-term place of residence, or even a source of income. Or, it can become […]

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invest in individual stocks

Invest in Individual Stocks, But Only When You’ve Done Your Homework

The stock market is a massive and ever-evolving miasma of possibilities. For beginning investors – or for experienced investors for that matter – having true insight about the markets is a difficult thing. All you have to do is read  Michael Lewis’ Flash Boys to get an idea about the forces which stabilize the markets, […]

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value of one dollar

The Value of One Dollar Around the World

Since the early 2000’s, traveling Americans have had to endure steep costs due to the struggling value of the U.S. Dollar. Not that long ago the exchange rate for the British pound and the Euro was 2:1. With the economic state the dollar was in it made it difficult for Americans to travel to many […]

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short term loan

4 Reasons to Consider a Short-Term Loan for Your Money Woes

Individuals and businesses can sometimes find themselves in a crunch for cash and need short-term financing to cover an expense until other funds are available.  Here are several reasons a short-term loan can be a valuable option in your financial toolbox.   Fast Approval Process Short-term personal loans often have a much faster approval process […]

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