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Gift Card Giveaway $50 Target Gift Card Giveaway

What could you do with $50 at Target?  We have teamed up with our friends at to offer this giveaway to our readers. sells discounted gift cards to over 600 merchants at up to 35% OFF. They also buy unwanted gift cards and pay up to 92% cash back. GiftCardRescue first appeared on […]

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student debt

Millennials are Paying for College With Less Student Debt

With the average cost of a four year degree at a public college approaching $19,000 per year, paying for college without taking on crippling levels of student debt is a high priority for today’s millennial.  Here are some strategies for reducing the amount of student loans required to pay for a college degree.   Start […]

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personal loans

Managing Tax Deductible Interest on Non Personal Loans

Come tax season you’re anxious to get all the write-offs possible. As you pull all your bank statements and other financial documentation, you wonder if the interest rate you paid on your personal loan is tax deductible. Read on to discover if this is something you can capitalize on. Personal Loan Interest Used to Be […]

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phone scams

Phone Scams & Internet Scams : How to Protect Yourself

Each year thousands of victims lose billions in sophisticated phone and internet scams. Scammers are using our obsession with technology to obtain personal information in an effort to convince you to give them your money. Here are some tips to recognize if you are being scammed and what to do in the event you are […]

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applying for a student loan

5 Things To Consider When Applying for a Student Loan

Each year, 20 million students attend college in the United States. Approximately sixty percent borrow money to cover the expenses of tuition, textbooks and fees, yet most still feel uneducated when it comes to making a decision about which student loans to apply for and use to pay for a college education. Here are 5 […]

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home warranty

Home Warranty – How to Decide if it’s a Good Idea

After buying a home the thought of repairing or replacing appliances or a major system such as the air conditioning system can be scary. The typical home warranty costs between $400-$600 and lasts a year after closing.  Home warranties provide peace of mind for many homeowners however, they don’t cover all repairs and do have […]

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