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teach your kids about money

4 Things You Need To Teach Your Kids About Money

Shockingly, most schools don’t teach children about how to save money, create a budget, or make smart financial decisions. Odd right? These financial skills are critically important to be able to navigate life. Since the school system doesn’t teach these skills, YOU will need to educate your children about the personal finance issues they will […]

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transform your finances

All or Nothing – How to Transform Your Finances in 1 Hour Each Month

All or Nothing Day is usually thought of as a day of extremes.  Being extreme can be fun on occasion but probably won’t help to improve your finances but taking one hour each month to focus on your finances will.  Here are several tips to help you transform your finances:   Track Your Spending It’s […]

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victims of identity theft

College Students as Victims of Identity Theft

College Students Vulnerable to Identity Theft College students made up roughly 25% of all victims of identity theft last year. According to the Better Business Bureau every 3 seconds someone is a victim of identity theft, that is approximately 18 Million victims each year! Some reasons for this shocking statistic are that college age students are […]

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When Your Parents

What to do When Your Parents Won’t Pay for College Tuition

With college tuition costs continuing to rise faster than the rate of inflation, more parents are struggling with the idea that paying for college is exclusively a parental responsibility.  The average yearly cost for tuition, room and board at a 4 year public university now costs $16,614 and $39,569 at a private university.  That puts […]

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picking up the tab

Frugal Living Tip: Don’t Get Stuck Picking up the Tab

We all have had an experience with picking up the tab for someone else, not necessarily a big deal but it can be annoying when it happens more frequently. Well I have good news for you!  There are free apps from payment services such as Google Wallet and Square Cash that allow users to move […]

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peer loan investing

Avoid these Risks in Peer to Peer Loan Investing

The emergence of online investing platforms opened the door to low cost stock investing in the late 90s but the benefit has never extended to fixed income investing. Investors looking for their allocation to safer, income-producing bonds still pay relatively higher fees and have difficulty buying enough bonds to diversify their portfolio. That is, until […]

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