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over 50 life insurance

I’m Over 50 Do I Need Life Insurance?

Do I Need Life Insurance if I’m Over 50? Traditionally life insurance is something that we get when we have a young family and a high mortgage, in order to provide for our family should we die. But what if we are older and want to invest in some life insurance? Insurers will often provide policies [...]

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work the most overtime

7 Careers That Let You Work the Most Overtime

The idea of saving money often seems limited to cutting costs and practicing a frugal lifestyle, but finding ways to earn more money in your current job is also a crucial part to saving money. A sure-fire way to increase your financial cushion and make bills more bearable is to put in more work for [...]

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cost of living in the U.S.

Price of the American Dream: Cost of Living in the U.S. [infographic]

Cost of Living in the U.S. – Is the American Dream Still Attainable? I don’t have to tell you that the cost of living in the United States has risen substantially over the last several decades, all one needs to do is look at a bank statement for a reality check. What may be surprising [...]

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student loan forgiveness

How to Lower Debt with Student Loan Forgiveness Programs

The student debt crisis in the United States is at an all time high.  With over $1 trillion in outstanding debt, most students can be certain they will have some sort of debt when they graduate.  While financing an education is still seen as good debt, any debt can be scary for new graduates.  Luckily [...]

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increase online sales

Sell More Products: Quick Tips to Increase Online Sales and Make More Money

  Having a great product is not enough to make millions selling online. You need some tricks to make sure you have the highest profits and to make sure people are buying what you have to sell. Putting in place a few tricks will help to set you apart from the competition and make sure [...]

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managing your money

Carnival of Financial Planning – Managing Your Finances Edition

Welcome to the Carnival of Financial Planning – Managing Your Finances Edition! I’m excited to share some great articles to help you manage your money.  If you find something interesting please share with your friends. BUDGETING AND ECONOMICS Hank @ Money Q&A writes How To Compete In The Current Job Market – job-seekers must adapt [...]

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