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benefits entitled to

What Benefits are you Entitled to?

According to the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP), there are around 5.3 million people of working age in the UK claiming benefits of some kind, and although many people think benefits are only available to those who don’t work, this is not true – some benefits are related to your age or personal circumstances [...]

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power of attorney

4 Things You Should Know About a Power of Attorney

A Power of Attorney is a document that allows you (the principal) to appoint someone (the agent) to act on your behalf.  There are many reasons why you might want to appoint someone else to look after your financial affairs. For example, if you own a property in a different state you can give power [...]

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first-time investor

Four Things That Every First Time Investor Should Know

Being a first time investor can be a scary prospect.  Nothing is guaranteed in the investment world.  That being said, investing is a real way to grow your wealth over time and with some common knowledge, investing can be profitable.  While there are many aspects of investing which can take years to understand and implement, [...]

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financially prepare for death

How to Financially Prepare for Death

There are few times when a person knows that death is upon them in a specific amount of time. Those that are diagnosed with a terminal disease may begin preparing financially and those that enter the middle age period of their lives see this as important too. Preparing financially for death is a way to [...]

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electric vehicle

Tesla Patents Now Open Source: Will Electric Vehicle Production Take Off?

Back in June, Tesla Motors CEO, Elon Musk, changed the game on electric vehicles. He penned a blog post on their site indicating they will no longer go after people violating their patents. They even took their patents down off their “patent wall” at their corporate headquarters in Palo Alto. This step is unprecedented in [...]

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london real estate

London Real Estate – Is Now the Time to Invest?

Real Estate Investment – London the Developing City With the London housing market poised for solid growth and housing values up by nearly 18% over the past year, now just may be the time to climb that property ladder or diversify your real estate property portfolio. London is the obvious place to start your search for [...]

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