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short term auto insurance

Why Would Someone Want Short Term Auto Insurance?

On average, short-term auto insurance costs you more than a long-term plan. But a long-term plan costs more de-facto than a short-term plan does. This creates a situation wherein both are viable, but for completely different reasons – and figuring out what those reasons are and whether they apply to you is important when deciding […]

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marital finance

Marital Finance: Sorting Out Finances During a Divorce or Dissolution

No one gets married expecting to get divorced some time later in the relationship but the reality is that is what happens, as 42% of UK and over 50% of U.S. marriages end up in divorce according to government figures. Despite the relationship ending, not every split is straight forward and many couples simply want to […]

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save money for a dream house

Tips to Help You Save Money for a Dream House in Australia

Australia is a dream country to live in for so many people around the world. Why not? It has very beautiful cities like Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Adelaide and others. It has a very stable economy that continuously growing every quarter and every year. It offers high quality education, top of the line healthcare system, higher […]

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staying out of debt

Is Getting an Education and Staying Out of Debt Possible?

“We don’t need no education,” sang Pink Floyd, in a song which conveniently ignores lead singer David Gilmour’s university education. Indeed, even double negative-using rock stars understand the advantages of a well-rounded college education. But, unless you’ve got the bank account balance of David Gilmour, attending college is becoming increasingly difficult. Anyone who’s glanced at […]

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saving vs borrowing

Saving vs Borrowing for a Major Purchase

Neither a borrower nor a lender be goes the ancient proverb. In an ideal world most of us probably would rather not borrow, but the reality is that some purchases just seem to require it, particularly the larger ones. If you were brought up on such ideas as ‘you shouldn’t buy what you can’t afford,’ […]

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goal setting

Post Graduation Guide to Goal Setting

When you hear the term “goal setting,” what comes to mind? Have you set any goals for yourself? While you were in college, you maybe had a couple simple goals such as passing your class or being able to complete one semester with a 4.0 GPA, but now that you are a post grad, you […]

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