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financially prepare for death

How to Financially Prepare for Death

There are few times when a person knows that death is upon them in a specific amount of time. Those that are diagnosed with a terminal disease may begin preparing financially and those that enter the middle age period of their lives see this as important too. Preparing financially for death is a way to [...]

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electric vehicle

Tesla Patents Now Open Source: Will Electric Vehicle Production Take Off?

Back in June, Tesla Motors CEO, Elon Musk, changed the game on electric vehicles. He penned a blog post on their site indicating they will no longer go after people violating their patents. They even took their patents down off their “patent wall” at their corporate headquarters in Palo Alto. This step is unprecedented in [...]

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london real estate

London Real Estate – Is Now the Time to Invest?

Real Estate Investment – London the Developing City With the London housing market poised for solid growth and housing values up by nearly 18% over the past year, now just may be the time to climb that property ladder or diversify your real estate property portfolio. London is the obvious place to start your search for [...]

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cash for houses

Cash for Houses: The Quick-Sale House Market

Is the Quick-Sale House Market for You? The attraction of the quick-sale market is obvious; sell your house in a matter of days for an upfront cash sum. For many people, this option can instantly free up urgently needed funds, but what is the cost? And is it worth paying? How it Works Cash for [...]

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working retirements

Why “ Working Retirements ” Are a Growing Trend

In the past, retirement meant the beginning of a life of leisure. Retirees were free to spend their time pursuing hobbies, spending time with family and friends and doing everything that they didn’t have time to do while they were working. These days, though, retirement doesn’t always mean slowing down and enjoying the results of [...]

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money and marriage

Money and Marriage: Financial Questions To Settle First

Now that the question has been popped, you can get on with the matter of setting a date and securing a venue. But before you start trying on formal wear and choosing colors for the bride’s maid dresses, there are a few more questions to be popped, hashed out, discussed, and debated till there is [...]

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