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first time home buyers

Mortgage Loan Protection: Protect Your Mortgage Payment in Difficult Times

Three Ways to Protect your Mortgage in Difficult Times If you are among the Americans affected by the struggling economy, you may be wondering how you’re going to cover larger expenses like mortgage payments. The first step to minimize financial fallout is to be open and honest with your lender. They want to help you […]

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The Secret of Successful Millennials? – Low Debt

Who are Millennials? There have been many surveys of this age group, perhaps the best know is the 2014 Wells Fargo Millenial Study.    The Millennial Next Door Project (MNDP) takes a different approach and looks at the things that this age group is doing that has made a positive impact on their financial wellbeing. […]

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charitable contributions

Tax Deductions for Common Charitable Contributions

Donating your time or treasure to help support a worthy cause is an awesome way to give back to your community. You not only benefit the organization with your charitable donation, you are providing the support necessary for the organization to continue to help others for years to come.  Here are some tips for handling […]

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stretch retirement income

Retirement Savings – Tips to Stretch Retirement Income

Preparing for retirement starts in your 20’s by enrolling in a company sponsored savings plan or investing in a retirement savings account and continues throughout your working years.  With proper sacrifice and planning, and maybe a little luck, you will be fortunate to have saved enough to fund a portion of your retirement needs. Retirement […]

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maintain cash flow

How to Maintain Cash Flow With Your Business [Infographic]

Cash flow in business is a simple concept, but it is much easier said than done. The basic concept of cash flow is that there is always enough money coming into your business to keep operations moving. If you ever have more money going out than coming in, your cash flow is insufficient, and your […]

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discount insurance

The Hidden Cost of Discount Insurance

Discount Insurance May Cost You More in the Long Run There are a lot of discount insurance companies out there that offer insurance at state minimums – that is the absolute minimum coverage that you are required to have by law. While a lot of these minimum coverage plans make is possible for millions of people to afford […]

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