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vacation home rentals

How to Save Money With Vacation Home Rentals & $275 Cash Giveaway

When is the last time you took a vacation? Where did you stay? If you are like 95% of the world, you found a hotel in the area and spent your vacation time there, in your 350 square foot hotel room which included nothing more than a bed, a chair, a bathroom, and a small [...]

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ESTA or Visa? Do You Need Both?

For residents of certain countries, of which the UK is one, stays not exceeding 90 days can be undertaken without the conventional visa, if you apply for an ESTA (Electronic system for Travel Authorization) before you travel. Full and complete details can be found by visiting For your convenience let’s go through some of [...]

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australian cities most expensive

Australian Cities Most Expensive in World

Why do Australian cities always feature on the most expensive cities to live in the world list? Sydney and Melbourne year after year are ranked right up there as one of the most expensive cities to live in the world? Both wonderful cities in their own right but deep down why do Australian cities as [...]

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discovery cove

The Discovery Cove: Fun for all the Family

Where can you swim with dolphins, watch colorful birds soaring around you and walk underwater through a reef teaming with exotic sea life? At Discovery Cove in Orlando you can do all this and much more, with a range of animal experiences and interactions. Kids and adults alike will be enthralled. The theme park is [...]

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travel to europe on a budget

Travel to Europe on a Budget

Book a Late European Adventure Without Spending a Fortune Europe brims with history, from the top of the Eiffel Tower to the remains of the Berlin Wall, the Italian Colosseum to the waterways of Amsterdam and Venice. Each of the countries that make up this vast continent has its own story to tell; unique traditions [...]

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taking a cruise

Money Saving Travel Tips for Taking a Cruise Holiday

Cruising is a great holiday option for anyone hoping to enjoy the world and all its wonders in a comfortable, luxurious environment. It can, however, end up being quite an expensive outing for those who aren’t familiar with how to find  the best deals. There are plenty of ways to save money here though, so [...]

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