Living Leaner: Reasons Downsizing is a Smart Move for Everyone

downsizing is a smart moveMarketers do their best to convince people that more and bigger is better, but as many individuals find out, having a bunch of stuff usually doesn’t do anybody any favors. In fact,  researchers have noted that, the more people acquire, the more miserable they often become. Downsizing might be just the ticket to the fulfilling lifestyle you’ve been after, benefiting your health, finances, relationships and much more.


Less Stress


Having a large home or a plethora of possessions gives you plenty to worry about. For instance, you need to be more concerned with security, make sure your insurance and will are sufficient despite how much is in your estate, establish a more comprehensive set of maintenance products in the right locations and find a larger number of professionals (landscapers, plumbers, etc.) you can trust. As if this weren’t enough, bigger homes and lots of purchases usually are harder on your wallet. You’ll need to work more hours to make payments, which is significant given that the workplace is one of the major sources of stress. By downsizing with a professional realtor like Stratton Creber Countrywide, you remove all these elements, giving yourself a more relaxed way of living.


Better Health


Downsizing can be a boost for your health in three ways. First, as you get rid of what doesn’t truly matter, stress hormones, particularly cortisol, likely will lower inside your body. As a result, you might experience better moods, improved sleep and elevated energy. You may find that conditions like high blood pressure, diabetes, headaches and general aches and pains come under control, as well.


For some people, having a large home or the ability to accumulate a lot of items translates to difficulty keeping their property clean. For example, an overload of upholstered furniture and knickknacks can foster dust mites, which can aggravate allergies without repeated, frequent wipe-downs, vacuuming or steam treatments. Getting rid of your extra space and belongings thus makes staying sanitary easier.


Lastly, when you reduce what you must maintain and clean, you’ll likely end up with more free time. You can spend this time completing any activity you truly enjoy, reducing stress in the process. You’ll also be better able to nourish your body through activities like exercise, preparing healthy meals and seeing your physician.


Improved Relationships


Although it’s a great idea to take some of the time you gain through downsizing for yourself, you also can use it with friends and family, getting to know them on deep levels. Even when the amount of time you spend with loved ones doesn’t increase much, downsizing can improve relationships with family members or housemates in that there are fewer distractions to hinder communication, with the tighter quarters making it easier to interact.


Financial Stability


Put very simply, a “big” lifestyle takes a big chunk out of your income, whether it’s through a higher mortgage, more tax, increased professional services or covering what you grab off store shelves. Staying leaner means you can put more of your money toward other important areas, such as your retirement, better insurance, charity, education or travel. You’re also free to invest the funds in areas like stock, thereby opening more income streams. Many homeowners find that they gain an increased level of independence and confidence due to this elevated level of financial stability.


Appreciation of Inner Values and Remaining Property


Downsizing requires that you assess not just the monetary value of what you have, but also the psychological, social and physical values. You must think hard about where your fears, dreams and beliefs come from. This type of inner reflection can leave you with a deeper, fuller sense of self, broadening your appreciation for the home or items you have at the end of the downsizing process. When you truly appreciate what you have and know what matters, others may find your company more enjoyable, and it’s not as difficult to say “no” to proposals or demands you don’t like.




Downsizing can seem negative at first glance in that you have to let go of space and/or belongings. This statement rings particularly true given the contemporary market, which does its best to convince individuals there is a need for more room and products. The reality, however, is that downsizing has the potential to improve multiple areas of your life. Your finances, health, appreciation level, stress level and relationships all can benefit from a small approach, so don’t hesitate to take the plunge!

Molly Howarth has worked in property for a number of years and has seen plenty of downsizers. She likes to share her thoughts and insights about moving and property in general and is a regular online contributor for a number of property-related websites.

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  1. Jayson @ Monster Piggy Bank 11/11/2015 at 1:54 am #

    We downsized last two years ago, we decided to transfer to a smaller house so that we could save much more. I am glad that I did because we were able to save more money and to meet the financial needs of our kids.

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