The Cost of Home Renovation – DIY vs Hiring a Contractor

home renovationWhen looking to renovate your home, there are a multitude of strategies available for homeowners based on their allowance.  Obviously, the more renovation experts that are hired to perform the duty, the more expensive the project will become. On the other hand, the more work you do yourself will eliminate pricey labor, thus making the project cheaper. Assuming the work is done properly. Here we will discuss different projects for DIY strategists in addition to renovations you can undertake on a larger budget.

For those with a larger home renovation budget, there are alternative strategies for what you can accomplish to give upgrade your home.  This specifically involves projects that should only be undertaken by professionals. Roofing is one such project that meets this criteria.  The average life span of a roof ranges from 15-30 years and if your home is older you may not be aware of the importance of maintaining a structurally safe roof. Renovating a roof can be a long-term and dangerous project for those without the right experience. Additional projects that should utilize the services of contractors include insulation, electrical work, and water damage.  This website is a great resource if you are looking to learn more about costs associated with these kinds of renovations.

When it comes to home renovation, projects you can typically do yourself are those associated with landscaping, interior decorating, painting, or simply cleaning out your gutters. The same quality of work done can be easily achieved by either an amateur or professional which explains why you may choose to do it yourself.  Additionally, you can gain an immense amount of knowledge about cost, ideas, guides, and techniques by doing your research on the web or stopping by your local home improvement store to take a DIY class. Ensuring that you know what you are doing is crucial to saving both time and money. Taking on a project that is beyond your skill level can lead to costly repairs or permitting issues down the road.

While your budget may vary, there are various alternatives to match your renovation desires. Deciding what will benefit your home the most, and doing your research to find the best prices and services will be the best way to go about undertaking these projects.

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2 Responses to The Cost of Home Renovation – DIY vs Hiring a Contractor

  1. Kelly 03/05/2016 at 7:49 pm #

    I always hire a contractor because I can’t do it in the first place. But, I am now learning to acquire some skills in landscaping, decorating, and painting so that I don’t have to hire contractors for easier tasks and I can do it myself.

  2. Jayson @ Monster Piggy Bank 03/05/2016 at 4:19 am #

    I am thankful that I have DIY skills I can depend on because I have done some renovations in our house by myself. But, there are some times I hire a contractor, which happens so rarely.

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