Save Time and Money While You Update Your Home!

It’s the perfect time of the year to begin improving your home. Small problems grow and will cost thousands in the long run. Before that damp bathroom, loose doorknob, or leaky faucet become money pits it’s time to make some repairs and update your home. Small updates not only correct any problems, they improve the value of the household. Let’s take the time today to look at how you can get the most out of your improvements.

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Look around your house and decide where the improvements will do the most good. What areas of the household do you use every day? Parts of the home that see the most traffic also get the most abuse. Scuffs and stains on the wall, loose handles, broken hinges – these are signs that a room needs updating. You’ll find that the entranceway, the bathroom, and the kitchen are your biggest trouble spots. With a few easy repairs these areas will look better than new.

The entranceway of a household is the first thing you see coming home every day. A new coat of paint is an affordable way to improve the mood of the home. This simple improvement has the added benefit of removing the scuff marks that every entrance seams to acquire. Next, replace the light bulbs with a bright, warm light. Now that you can see better, check the handles on the entrance door and any closets. For less than the cost of dinner you’ve made the entrance of your home brighter and welcoming!

Everyone spends time in the bathroom – even you! Make it a pleasant experience by replacing that cracked tile and updating the sink. The tile in the bathroom protects your home from water damage. If it’s been cracked or the grout has worn down it cannot do its job. Go to your local hardware center and check out the remnant tile selection. This will save on the cost of the repair and give the bathroom a modern eclectic style. Choose an eye catching sink from Maestro-Bath to complement the new tiles. Save the shower and the toilet for updating later. Both of them will last decades and may only need the occasional maintenance to keep working.

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Kitchens are subjected to grease stains, water spills, and daily abuses that the rest of the household will never see. Adding a backsplash to the counter will cover up any stains and prevent future stains on the wall. Give the cabinets an affordable face lift with a new coat of paint. Then take a moment to see if any of the cabinet doors are sagging. A quick trip to the hardware store for new hinges and soon your cabinets will be hanging straight again. By doing those three easy updates you’ve improved your kitchen!

Congratulations! You’ve given your home an affordable update. These little improvements have added up and now the household is more welcoming. By getting a fresh look you’re not only improving the household’s value, you also enjoy being home more.

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2 Responses to Save Time and Money While You Update Your Home!

  1. James 01/30/2016 at 3:54 pm #

    I usually renovate or at least repair broken part of my kitchen to save money. This summer I am giving my kitchen a fresh look to make it feel more homey. There are so many ways to renovate it with very affordable materials. All we have to do is research and compare prices.

  2. Jamie 01/23/2016 at 6:00 pm #

    I am renovating my kitchen as I spend so much time in here preparing food for my family. I think it’s really time to update it not only to improve its overall appearance but also to mend those broken furniture or parts of the kitchen to save money.

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