How To Get Your Employees Excited To Work For You Again

get your employees excitedIt happens to even the kindest and most caring of employers. There is a dip in morale and a sort of sluggishness takes over your employees. Nobody is especially unhappy — they’ve just lost their motivation. Instead of being invested in their work, they’re just going through the motions. You need to raise morale and liven up the workplace, but how? Here are a few tips that have proven useful.

Comfortable Chairs

Nothing wreaks more havoc on an employee’s happiness and motivation than having to sit in an old or an uncomfortable chair all day. Your employees should not be responsible for finding cushions and other hacks to maintain their own comfort at work. Invest in some top quality and ergonomic chairs. The more comfortable they are, the happier they will be. If you’re worried about the budget, try ordering the chairs through a supplier that offers “take home layaway.” According to Crest Financial reviews, “In-Home Layaway” is a program that allows you to buy office furnishings on layaway but have them delivered now instead of when you finish paying them off.

Standing and Adjustable Desks

Along with a comfortable chair, allowing your employees to choose to stand up while they work is a great way to help your crew improve their health and mood. Standing desks have become incredibly popular and are now offered by more retailers and suppliers, who often work with companies like the aforementioned Crest Financial services to help you afford new equipment now instead of later.

Show Don’t Tell

According to Entrepreneur, one of the biggest reasons that employee morale starts to droop is that your team doesn’t understand why the work they do matters in the larger sense. A good way to offset this is to share positive customer feedback with them — especially feedback praising specific members of the team. It’s also good to share information about how your products or services are improving clients’ lives. This way your team can see that what they do has an impact outside of earning a paycheck for themselves.

Offering Treats and Prizes

Inter-office competition can be a great way to incentivize your team to get more done. When morale is low, however, this can magnify any feelings of irritation or even resentment that might be brewing between team members. Instead of pitting your employees against each other, offer treats and rewards for doing great in their daily accomplishments. Even small gestures, like bringing someone coffee, can go a long way. The psychology behind this, of course, isn’t about what you give. It’s the tangible proof of your appreciation that improves employee morale. To this end, every quarter or so, throw an employee appreciation event. There are lots of great event-based ways to treat your employees.

Get Out of the Office

When days feel the same, it’s easy to feel frustrated and “stuck in a rut.” Change things up once in a while! A great way to do this is to have community service days a couple of times a month. You can either allow your employees to choose their own service projects or you can coordinate a large team-based effort. Getting your employees out into the community helps build relationships, offers your team some variety and is good for your company’s visibility.

Offer Unlimited Paid Time Off

There are many benefits and drawbacks of unlimited paid time off. Are there going to be a few employees who abuse this perk? Of course. They’ll typically show their hand early on, however, and you can decide whether or not to replace them.

For most employees, however, being able to take paid time off when they need it, without worrying about what they’ll do later if they get sick or have to take care of a sick child is a godsend. The ability to take a “mental health day” once in a while will do wonders for team spirit. Allowing employees to telecommute from time to time as well is another great way to prevent PTO abuse.

Finally, try to remember that every company goes through morale slumps. By employing these tips, however, you’ll ensure that those slumps are few and far between.

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