Yakezie Carnival – Earth Day 2012 Edition

earth dayEarth Day 4-22-2012 was celebrated on Monday this year by more than one billion people in 192 countries.  Wisconsin Senator Gaylord Nelson is credited with founding Earth Day after witnessing the devastating oil spill in Santa Barbara, California in 1969.  Since then the movement has grown exponentially in both popularity and influence in the political arena.  How can you help?  There are literally thousands of ways that you can help make clean, healthy, and sustainable choices a part of your daily lives.  Visit Earth Day Network’s  One Billion Acts of Green to learn more.

Editors Picks

Joe Morgan @ Simple Debt-Free Finance writes 3 Ways To Negotiate a Credit Card Debt Settlement Yourself. – If you’re one of the millions of credit card holders who has found themselves buried in credit card debt with a balance you can’t hope to pay down, then you may be wondering if you can Negotiate Your Credit Card settlement yourself. Well, it is possible to do, but it’s not easy. Here’s how.

Daniel @ Sweating the Big Stuff writes The Finances of Addiction – It seems like just about everybody is addicted to something. Do you know how expensive additions are?

Jason @ Live Real, Now writes Five Signs You Don’t Need That – Everybody occasionally buys things they don’t need, from DVDs to luxury cars. There are signs that what you’re buy may not be an actual necessity. Here are five signs you should put that back:

Michelle @ See Debt Run writes My Dentist The Pimp – A cautionary tale about my dentist who’s trying to separate me from my money.

The Best of the Rest…

Gil Tenorio @ Financial Management Blog writes 5 Effective Ways To Protect Yourself From Identity Theft – Here are some of the suggestions that can be useful to prevent becoming a victim of identity theft.

Melissa @ Fiscal Phoenix writes Getting Gazelle Intense to Pay Down Your Debt? Consider Selling Your Car – Sometimes sacrifice is required to get out of debt more quickly. Each family determines what sacrifice is required, but if you are open to it, selling your second car can free up hundreds of dollars a month to use to service your debt.

Melissa @ Mom’s Plans writes A Date with Finances Year Two – Last year, I declared a money week to deal with some financial issues I had been putting off. I thought it would be fun to see how I did with last year’s goals and set a few more.

Mark D. Cook @ Pathway to Trading writes Options Expiration Rollercoaster – U.S. Investment Champion & “Stock Market Wizard” shares his trading thoughts on the current stock market during the past options expiration week for April 2012.

Rick @ Invest In 2012 writes What It’s Like to Be a Trader – The life of a trader is hard. One must take huge investment positions, sleep short nights, and be endlessly anxious about the markets. Here’s what it’s like to be a trader.

Dr. Dean @ The Millionaire Nurse Blog writes 20 Ways To Improve YOUR Customer Service! – Customer Service matters. Medicare is changing the way they reimburse hospitals based on the survey you fill out as you leave their care.

Timothy @ Wealth Artisan writes Mortgage Payment Calculator – Mortgage Payment Calculator – From a simple monthly payment amount, to a full mortgage amortization schedule, use our mortgage payment calculator for your needs. It also graphs your mortgage!

Aloysa @ My Broken Coin writes Who I Have Not Become – At some point in life, we all dream of becoming someone else, someone different from who we are now. We have certain aspirations and hopes. Sometimes we live up to our dreams. Sometimes they remain just that … dreams.

John @ Married (with Debt) writes Pay Off Debt Before Investing: Rule 9 – This is Rule 9 in my 10 Rules to Eliminate Debt and Change Your Life Should I pay off debt before investing? If you are asking this question, let me first say congratulations.

Jeffrey @ Money Spruce writes How to Be an Entrepreneur – The following is a guest post. Answering the question “How to Be an Entrepreneur” is a a somewhat complicated one. There’s really no simple way to answer it. The first thing I will tell you: being an entrepreneur is easy, but being a successful entrepreneur is not. Here’s a few simple steps to think about.

Wayne @ Young Family Finance writes 5 Tips to Save Money on Your Grocery Bill – If you are looking to save money, you might want to consider these tips to reduce your expenses with your grocery bill.

TRL @ The Retired Landlord writes Why I am Investing in Real Estate – Investing in real estate is not a easy commitment, but doesn’t mean it isn’t worth it. Find out why I am investing in real estate.

FG @ Financial God writes Cars Are the Mass-Transit Solution of the Future – As you sit in traffic on your way to work, you might find it hard to believe, but one day, that congested highway will be part of the mass-transit wave of the future.

Ted Jenkin @ Your Smart Money Moves writes I Need A Budget! Where Do I Start? – Whether you are 22 years old or 52 years old, you are truly the CEO of your family finances. There are those of us that love to track, manage, and watch our monthly numbers, and others who would just prefer if the ATM told us what our bank account balance was each month. As CEO of your money, you will always need to maintain a close watch on your two personal financial dashboards, the balance sheet and the profit and loss statement. Specifically, the profit and loss statement shows us all

Corey @ Steadfast Finances writes Why are Home Foreclosures Picking Up in 2012? – Find out why foreclosure rates are increasing in 2012. Will you be next?

Squirrelers @ Squirrelers writes Persistency Can Lead to Wealth – Natural talent can help with success, but in terms of wealth creation, I suspect that the trait of being persistent can play a huge role. This post explores how persistency can help us grow our net worth.

Luke @ Learn Bonds writes Should You Trust Your Financial Advisor? – Does your financial advisor have a fiduciary duty to act in your best interest? It depends on the type of advisor you are work with.

Jen @ Master the Art of Saving writes How Much House Do You Really Need? – Sometimes we just need to ask ourselves: How much house do I need? If you stay in your house almost all the time, then of course your needs would…

PITR @ Passive Income To Retire writes Risky Investments – High Return – Investing with great risks gives you a bigger potential return. You won’t always avoid mistakes, but you will learn from them.

Kanwal @ Simply Investing writes Is it Good When Companies Buy Back Their Own Shares? – Companies will sometimes buy back their own shares, but is this good or bad for you the shareholder? Generally it’s a good thing because in the long run it will result in an increase in the share price.

PPlan @ Provident Plan writes Top 5 Mortgage Mistakes – Learn about the top five mortgage mistakes that you can make when buying a new house or condo.

A Blinkin @ Funancials writes Why Do Banks Sell Mortgages? – Sometimes I use my blog as a medium to rant about the funny things people do with their money; but other times I tackle common questions that I receive from readers or overhear when I’m wondering the golf course streets. One common question/comment I’ve gotten recently has been around mortgages.

Kyle @ The Penny Hoarder writes How to Make $500/week Cleaning out Foreclosures – Foreclosure cleaners often earn a whopping $500 to $2,500 per house that they clean. Here are a few tips on how to score these jobs…

Suba @ Broke Professionals writes Our House On The Market: Month Two – Two months in to having our house on the market, and still no offers. I’m anxious to slash our asking price and reduce allowances we’ve made for closing costs.

Debt Guru @ Debt Free Blog writes Is the Cash Method Helpful? – Is an all cash method of budgeting the best way to control your spending? Find out if the envelope method is right for you.

Ashley @ Money Talks Coaching writes How to Spend Less on Gas – How much gas are we using to drive to work, to school, to the store, and so on? Here are some tips on how you can deal with the high price of gas.

Sustainable PF @ Sustainable Personal Finance writes Green Tip #240 – Rain Barrel – The 240th Green Tip: Use a Rain Barrel to collect rain water and reduce your water usage costs.

Dave @ Financial Conflict Coach writes What’s The BEST Financial Advice I Can Give? – When someone asks for financial advice, is that what they’re really asking for? In my experience, they’re actually asking for something else- options.

Kathleen @ Frugal Portland writes My lowest point – My lowest point financially occurred while on vacation in Italy. Who would have thought?

Mr. Money @ Smart on Money writes What Are You Doing to Make Your Money Dreams a Reality? – Many of us have money dreams. Often, these dreams focus on some point in the future, when you have more money. We think about the things that we’ll do when we have more money: Go on vacation, set up a charitable foundation, get rid of debt, pay off the mortgage, or accomplish some other feat. Unfortunately, while dreaming about what we’ll do when we have more money, we often overlook the intervening step of planning to make those dreams a reality.

Daisy @ Add Vodka writes Vancouver Personal Finance – A couple of weeks ago, TeacHer Finance wrote a post asking whether or not personal finance advice should depend on geography. I say YES.

Tushar @ Start Investing Money writes The Average Returns to Expect on Mutual Funds – This Post was Originally published at The Average Returns to Expect on Mutual Funds on Start Investing MoneyWhen you are deciding on a vehicle for investing your money, mutual funds may come up in conversation more often than not. Because the risk is spread out, the investment is perceived as safer than gambling on individual stocks.

Little House @ Little House in the Valley writes Visualizing the Financial Future – I had an epiphany yesterday: to truly save what you need for the future, you need to visualize it clearly and realistically. Now maybe this had something to do with my 40th birthday, or maybe it had something to do with the weather, or perhaps a Forbes article I was reading; either way, all of a sudden had this clear vision of what I want my life to be like in 10 years from now and a rough sketch of how I was going to get there.

SFB @ Simple Finance Blog writes How does a Letter of Credit Differ from a Bank Guarantee? – In layma’s terms, a bank guarantee and a letter of credit may seem similar, but they are not. Here are the key differences and when to use them.

Eddie @ Finance Fox writes 10 Signs You Need Help With Money – One thing is certain with money is that it’s never too late to make a turn around and admit that you need help with money.

Crystal @ Budgeting in the Fun Stuff writes Build a Home Series – Floor Plan and The Lot – The first steps with our builder were to decide on the floor plan of our future home and to pick our lot. We had to pick our floor plan first.

Sean @ One Smart Dollar writes What are the Best Days to Buy Specific Items – Did you know that you can save money just buy making purchases on a specific day of the week or month?

Kay Lynn @ Bucksome Boomer writes Do I Need This Any More? – I found AARP’s list of things people over 50 don’t need humorous, even if entirely not true. I won’t comment on all 25 items, but thought it would be fun to share some.

MMD @ MyMoneyDesign writes Before Retirement, Eliminate Your Biggest Expense – Have you ever considered the benefits of paying off your mortgage early as a way to save BIG during retirement and reduce the amount of income you’ll need? If you’ve got a lot of time between then and now, even better! Let’s crunch some numbers and see how much extra it would take to eliminate your mortgage payments altogether.

Corey @ 20s Finances writes The Basics of Permanent Life Insurance – Understanding life insurance is one of the many challenges that young adults face these days. Between all of the confusing terms and the many options, it can become quite overwhelming. While you may be tempted to ignore this and see how long you can go without getting life insurance, it may be in your best interest to get life insurance now, while your young.

Christopher @ This That and The MBA writes Your grandfather used to do it why not you… – With the price of everything on the rise, the cost of razor blades seems to be outpacing everything else. Here is one thing that you can do that will save you a bunch of money over the long haul.

Kevin @ Thousandaire writes It’s All About Creating Income – Lots of people worry about saving millions of dollars. If you generate passive income, you won’t need so much in savings.

101 Centavos @ 101 Centavos writes To Peak Oil or Not To Peak Oil? – The world is running out of oil… so might as well buy a few shares in the companies that make it and move it around. Having had some cash free up…

Amanda L Grossman @ Frugal Confessions writes Environmental Reward Program Update – Earth Day/Week is here, and I thought I would take the opportunity to update you on the reward point programs I introduced about a year ago.

Steve @ Money Infant writes Happy Songkran from Thailand – No, I haven’t lost my mind. I know it isn’t New Year in most of the world, but here in Thailand it is.

Hank @ Money Q&A writes Only Certain Home Improvement Projects Will Pay You Back – Most of your home improvement projects and remodeling projects are not going to make you money and will unfortunately not translate dollar for dollar in new home equity.

Shaun @ Smart Family Finance writes Should Families Pay Off All Their Loans: No, Debt is Not Bad and It is Not Always Riskier than Cash – I’m sorry, but if you think debt is bad; you are wrong! Debt can be good, sometimes it is even essential.

Earth and Money @ Earth and Money writes Comparison of Foreign ATM Fees Charged by Canadian Banks – A comparison of the foreign ATM fees charged by all the big five Canadian banks, and a few alternative options as well. With a little insight and planning, you can go abroad and spend your money the right way – enjoying your trip!

KT @ Personal Finance Journey writes Some Smart Ways to Use an Unexpected Windfall – As a child, you may have played the game of LIFE and enjoyed those moments you get an unexpected windfall. The same can happen in real life. A few years ago, many Americans got an unexpected windfall when President Bush offered a tax rebate to a majority of U.S. citizens.

Jason @ Work Save Live writes Where to Save Your Retirement Investing Contributions – Welcome to the 3rd week of my ‘Understanding Retirement Planning & Investing’ series! If you’ve missed the first two posts be sure to check them out! Everything You Need to Know About a Roth IRA & Why to Start One.

Jeremy Waller @ Personal Finance Whiz writes Top Personal Finance Posts Of The Week – Wal-Mart Bribery Scandal Edition – Wal-Mart, one of the largest companies in the world, has just found itself in the middle of a massive bribery scandal. Allegedly, bribes totaling more than $24 million were paid to Mexican officials to speed up the permitting process to open new stores.

MR @ Money Reasons writes Fixing Your Garage Door Opener By DIY – These are the steps I followed to replace my craftman garage door gears that were shredded. This particular repair cost me $25 vs around $200 for a repairman.

krantcents @ KrantCents writes The 3 M’s of Success – The 3 M’s of Success is the thirteenth in a series of articles to help you reach your goal.

YFS @ Your Finances Simplified writes The Benefits of Giving to Charitable Institutions – They say that giving and helping others can offer people more satisfaction than acquiring material things. For centuries different individuals, even the most wealthy ones, have found a sense of fulfillment in giving, and indeed it is in the act…

Maria @ The Money Principle writes Regulate the people, not the banks! – Read why it is not the institution that the government need to go after, but those few selfish individuals in the company!

Busy Exec @ The “Busy Executive” Money Blog writes Financially, what would you do differently if given the chance? – I’ll share my top 4 financial “regrets”. Before I go any further, let me say that I am fortunate that I’m still in very good position to hit my retirement goals before I’m 50.

Princess P @ Portfolio Princess writes Smart, Savvy, And On A Budget – Sometimes sticking to a budget is no easy task, but there are ways to make saving money easy by following these simple budgeting tips.

Ryan @ Early Retirement Investments writes Are You Spending Too Much on Business Expenses? – Related Posts:How to Save Money Every Month Using UnionBank Online Banking ServicesFinding Money for Retirement When Your Paycheck is SmallQuickBooks Pro 2011:…

Don @ MoneySmartGuides writes Revisiting The Buffett Rule – I previously wrote about how I was against The Buffett Rule, raising taxes on the rich to help balance the budget.

Jester @ The Ultimate Juggle writes Saving Money By Doing Small Repairs Yourself – How I save money to spend on my kids by doing small repairs myself. If what you are trying to fix is old, it might be worth it to try fixing it yourself.

Mich @ BeatingTheIndex writes The Viking Oil Play in Saskatchewan – The Viking oil play in Saskatchewan is repeatable and scalable with low operating costs and high netbacks. Only a handful of companies provide investors with a pure play exposure to this resource play, find out who they are.

PK @ Don’t Quit Your Day Job… writes Optimal Asset Allocation with the Kelly Criterion – A calculator to optimize your asset allocation in a portfolio to maximize your return over some timeframe.

Money Cone @ Money Cone writes A Review of IngDirect’s iPhone App – Though initially I was angry that this was not really an iPhone app and just a bookmark to IngDirect’s mobile site, seriously, why does that matter. Non techies wouldn’t even notice. The application is very basic, but then if you think about it, Ing’s strength has always been how simple and easy it’s site is.

Miss T. @ Prairie Eco Thrifter writes Increase Your Self-Confidence: 5 Easy Steps – Confidence is linked to how you perceive yourself and can influence how others see you, making this is a really important area to work on. Here are five steps I used to help increase my self confidence.

Sicorra @ Tackling Our Debt writes Top Summer Vacation Spots In Canada – Calgary for the Calgary Stampede – Have you booked your summer vacation yet? Why not come out to Calgary this summer? Get online and book your trip to Calgary for July and we’ll see you at the Calgary Stampede!

Jeremy @ Modest Money writes Thank You For Irresponsible Credit Card Usage – There are many personal finance blogs that tell you to cut up your credit cards or exercise greater willpower with credit cards. While that may be good advice depending on your situation, I want to personally thank the countless people who are irresponsible with their credit card usage.

Rich Avery @ Money Wise Pastor writes How Magic Jack Works and Saves Me $500 a Year on Home Phone Service – Have you wondered how Magic Jack works and whether it could really save you money on your home phone service? Magic Jack works well for our family and saves us nearly $500 a year in home phone charges!

Steve @ The Loonie Bin writes The Importance of a Vacation – With an increased workload and an increased work week, vacations are important now more than ever.

Brent Pittman @ On Target Coaching writes Financial Literacy Month Video: How to Have a Budget Party – A video about 5 Rules for Having Your Own Budget Party.

Teacher Man @ My University Money writes How To Use Your Liberal Arts Degree To Get a Government Job – I have been someone negative about the job prospects out there for people like me with a liberal arts degree before. While it is still not what I recommend for most people coming out of high school, it can be a valuable tool in your career tool belt if leveraged correctly.

SB @ One Cent at a Time writes How to Start with Managing Personal Finance – Most critical and hardest barrier to managing personal finance is getting started. A guide to help you get going with the first few baby steps towards better management of your personal finance.

JAMES @ Short Road To Retirement writes How Would You Spend a Million Dollars? – A humorous look at some interesting items to buy.

Robert @ My Multiple Incomes writes My First Rental Property – I’ve hinted at it several times, but I am adding a rental property to my multiple income streams.

Everything Finance @ Everything Finance Blog writes So, You Want to Marry Rich? – When choosing a partner for the rest of your life, doesn’t money ever come into play? While your partner’s salary or earning potential may not be the only factor in determining your decision to say “I do,” can we at least admit that it is a factor?

Melissa @ Mom’s Plans writes How to Get Healthy Meals on the Table Fast – If you are trying to end the dinner time scramble, there are several steps you can take:

Philip Taylor @ PT Money Personal Finance writes 3 Times When You Should Not Be Shopping – Helps readers to avoid the trap of spending too much money at times when they might be more vulnerable.

Steven Zussino @ Grocery Alerts Canada writes Costco Membership Benefits – Is a Costco membership worth it? We list the current membership benefits and show if they save you money or if Costco is not worth it.

Roger the Amateur Financier @ The Amateur Financier writes Book Review – How Winning the Lottery Changed My Life – A review of the book ‘How Winning the Lottery Changed My Life’, one woman’s tale of the good things (and the bad things) that resulted from winning the lottery with her coworkers.

J.P. @ Novel Investor writes Book Review: Millionaire Teacher – Financial education is a big key to successful investing and the Millionaire Teacher is a great place for novice investors to start on that journey.

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