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boomerang children

Helping Your Boomerang Children to Live Independently

With the rise in adult children living back at home, parents of the boomerang generation are trying to find ways to help their children live independently.  There are quite a few ways that parents can give their children stepping stones necessary to live on their own.  Boomerang children move back home with their parents and […]

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student loan debt

Two Tips to Tackle Student Loan Debt

Student Loan Debt Continues to Burden 7 out of 10 Recent Grads With the election season upon us, many issues are coming to the forefront ahead of the election season. One of the more controversial issues has been student loan debt. Traditionally, student loan debt hasn’t been the most interesting topic for politicians and mainstream […]

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staying out of debt

Is Getting an Education and Staying Out of Debt Possible?

“We don’t need no education,” sang Pink Floyd, in a song which conveniently ignores lead singer David Gilmour’s university education. Indeed, even double negative-using rock stars understand the advantages of a well-rounded college education. But, unless you’ve got the bank account balance of David Gilmour, attending college is becoming increasingly difficult. Anyone who’s glanced at […]

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saving vs borrowing

Saving vs Borrowing for a Major Purchase

Neither a borrower nor a lender be goes the ancient proverb. In an ideal world most of us probably would rather not borrow, but the reality is that some purchases just seem to require it, particularly the larger ones. If you were brought up on such ideas as ‘you shouldn’t buy what you can’t afford,’ […]

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