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credit card mistake

Have You Been Making a Big Credit Card Mistake?

It is relatively simple to use a credit card sensibly and responsibly, without ending up in debt. However, you do need to know a bit about how credit cards work as well as the terms and conditions of your particular card. Despite using credit cards for years, however, some people still continue to make pretty [...]

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multiple credit cards

Staying Frugal With Multiple Credit Cards

Having multiple credit cards can be a blessing and a curse. If you can manage, it is a great way to build a shining credit score, and can give you the freedom to make purchases that you don’t want to plunk down all your cash on. On the other hand, if you can’t manage them [...]

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what is debt

What Is Debt and How to Manage It

Merriam-Webster defines debt as something owed: obligation, which is strictly a definition with no emotion to it.  However, Merriam-Webster’s other definition of debt is sin, trespass.  While debt may have been a sin in Biblical times, most of us don’t think of it that way now.  Most of us accept that debt is just a [...]

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avoid going in debt

How to Avoid Going in Debt for the Holidays

Make a List and Check it Twice One of the easiest ways to limit the chances of going in debt is to plan your purchases. Did you know that 80% of impulse purchases are made because consumers perceive value when the item is on sale. Why do you think retailers have sales around the holidays? [...]

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lower credit card debt

3 Things to Know Before Talking to Your Credit Card Company

Talking to your credit card company is intimidating, especially if you’re asking for an interest rate reduction or trying to negotiate down the balance. It doesn’t matter if you’re calling Des Moines or Dubai, those reps sound like they have it all together and you’re just a 3-year-old waiting in line to ride the pony. [...]

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credit cards

How to Find the Best Credit Card

How To Find The Best Credit Card Credit card shopping can be tough business.  There are literally thousands of different options – even some cards that the credit card companies don’t advertise! And then, there are the options!  So many different types of credit cards to choose from with so many different options!  It can [...]

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