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starting a business

Starting a Business with Bad Credit? Why Common Financing Options Will Result in More Debt

When you hear success stories such as Mark Zuckerberg and the launch of Facebook, you can’t help but think, “If he can do it, so can I”. I mean who hasn’t thought at least once or twice about walking into their boss’s office and calling it quits? Being your own boss, calling all the shots, […]

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tips to build your credit score

Tips to Build Your Credit Score

Credit scores are incredibly important these days.  While some may think that credit scores are only used when purchasing something with credit, that is simply not entirely true.  Having a good credit score can affect your insurance premiums, if you can rent an apartment, if you can get a job, along with paying cheaper rates […]

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credit card was hacked

Your Credit Card Was Hacked, Now What?

With major retailers revealing the breach of their customers’ credit and debit card data, it is more important than ever to protect yourself.  It is becoming easier for hackers to steal and use customer card information, so it is your responsibility to be on the lookout.  So, what do you do if your debit or […]

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multiple credit cards

Staying Frugal With Multiple Credit Cards

Having multiple credit cards can be a blessing and a curse. If you can manage, it is a great way to build a shining credit score, and can give you the freedom to make purchases that you don’t want to plunk down all your cash on. On the other hand, if you can’t manage them […]

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what is debt

What Is Debt and How to Manage It

Merriam-Webster defines debt as something owed: obligation, which is strictly a definition with no emotion to it.  However, Merriam-Webster’s other definition of debt is sin, trespass.  While debt may have been a sin in Biblical times, most of us don’t think of it that way now.  Most of us accept that debt is just a […]

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avoid going in debt

How to Avoid Going in Debt for the Holidays

Make a List and Check it Twice One of the easiest ways to limit the chances of going in debt is to plan your purchases. Did you know that 80% of impulse purchases are made because consumers perceive value when the item is on sale. Why do you think retailers have sales around the holidays? […]

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