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cash back credit card

Who Should Use Balance Transfer Credit Cards To Get Out Of Debt?

Debt plagues tons of consumers worldwide. Although credit card debt was a problem for some 15 years ago, the financial recession the world faced recently has really exacerbated the problem. The biggest issue with credit card debt is that it inherently comes with high interest rates. So, by decreasing those interest rates, many consumers who [...]

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interest rates

5 Things You Need to Know to Understand Your Interest Rates

Interest rates determine what your monthly repayments will be on your loan. Even the smallest fluctuation in interest rates can make an enormous difference to your loan repayments. Each interest rate comes with advantages and disadvantages, so make sure you select the right interest rate for you. Lenders will charge you an interest rate per [...]

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money without a loan

How to Get Money Without Taking Out a Loan

There are times that debts can’t be put off and the need for extra money becomes a necessity. The last thing you need is to add debt by taking out a loan. Even a collateral loan can leave you owing more and risk loss of valuables you don’t want to part with if you can’t [...]

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financial trouble

Five Signs That You May Be Heading For Financial Trouble

At any stage of life, anyone can have money troubles that means they need to ask for professional advice. Whether its debt, overspending or an unexpected financial blow that has put you in jeopardy, there are a number of ways you, can help to remedy the damage. Even if your affairs are not dire, there [...]

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boost your credit rating

Ways to Boost Your Credit Rating

Boosting Your Credit Rating A healthy credit score is one of your most valuable assets when applying for credit, loans and mortgages. Lenders will check your credit score when you apply to borrow funds from them and make a judgement on whether you are a risk to lend to – essentially, it proves that you [...]

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debt reduction strategies

Debt Reduction Strategies for Bad Debt

While too much debt is never a good thing, some debt is necessary. Financial Advisors typically put debt into two categories: good debt and bad debt. While these categories can get complicated, the basic point is that good debt is debt that helps you make money, while bad debt is debt that makes you poorer. [...]

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