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money and marriage

Money and Marriage: Financial Questions To Settle First

Now that the question has been popped, you can get on with the matter of setting a date and securing a venue. But before you start trying on formal wear and choosing colors for the bride’s maid dresses, there are a few more questions to be popped, hashed out, discussed, and debated till there is [...]

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student loan forgiveness

How to Lower Debt with Student Loan Forgiveness Programs

The student debt crisis in the United States is at an all time high.  With over $1 trillion in outstanding debt, most students can be certain they will have some sort of debt when they graduate.  While financing an education is still seen as good debt, any debt can be scary for new graduates.  Luckily [...]

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managing your money

Carnival of Financial Planning – Managing Your Finances Edition

Welcome to the Carnival of Financial Planning – Managing Your Finances Edition! I’m excited to share some great articles to help you manage your money.  If you find something interesting please share with your friends. BUDGETING AND ECONOMICS Hank @ Money Q&A writes How To Compete In The Current Job Market – job-seekers must adapt [...]

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refinancing your loan

Refinancing Your Loan – What You Should Know

Dealing with a home mortgage is never easy. With the recent shaky economy, many homeowners are understandably cautious about taking on any long-term loans until their existing loans are cleared up. This was particularly true in the case of mortgages. However, between 2013 and early 2014, the market has seen a rebound. There has never [...]

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mortgage payment programs

Should Homeowners Enroll in Bi-Weekly Mortgage Payment Programs?

Homeowners who borrow money to purchase homes have the great responsibility of paying their sizable mortgage payments every month. Mortgage payments are often the most costly expense homeowners pay, which includes principal, interest, taxes and insurance. The cost of the payment can be difficult for the homeowner to afford, the large sum can be overwhelming [...]

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cash back credit card

Who Should Use Balance Transfer Credit Cards To Get Out Of Debt?

Debt plagues tons of consumers worldwide. Although credit card debt was a problem for some 15 years ago, the financial recession the world faced recently has really exacerbated the problem. The biggest issue with credit card debt is that it inherently comes with high interest rates. So, by decreasing those interest rates, many consumers who [...]

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