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debt afte graduation

5 Tips to Avoid Debt after Graduation

Graduating students who have taken out student loans are in for a bit of surprise soon after graduation. Once you receive your first student loan bill, you may be taken aback, especially after you see how much you owe to the government. The average amount of student loan debt is in the $30,000 range and […]

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money mistakes

Are You Making These Top 4 Money Mistakes?

We all make mistakes and finances are no exception. In fact, most Americans typically struggle with personal finance due to a number of reasons chief among them a lack of personal finance education provided to school age children. Here are the top 4 money mistakes and some practical advice on how to avoid making them […]

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about loans

5 Things Everyone Should Know About Loans

Sooner or later in life, everyone is going to need to borrow money. It happens, either because you’re making an investment in a residence, going to college, or buying another big-ticket item. There are many types of loans to choose from, all with different interest rates and grace periods. Before you jump into the first […]

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what is debt

What Is Debt and How to Manage It

Merriam-Webster defines debt as something owed: obligation, which is strictly a definition with no emotion to it.  However, Merriam-Webster’s other definition of debt is sin, trespass.  While debt may have been a sin in Biblical times, most of us don’t think of it that way now.  Most of us accept that debt is just a […]

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avoid going in debt

How to Avoid Going in Debt for the Holidays

Make a List and Check it Twice One of the easiest ways to limit the chances of going in debt is to plan your purchases. Did you know that 80% of impulse purchases are made because consumers perceive value when the item is on sale. Why do you think retailers have sales around the holidays? […]

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SpringCoin Review: A Personalized Plan for a Debt Free Tomorrow

  SpringCoin was founded by credit counseling and debt negotiation experts that offers consumers a simple, easy-to-use personalized debt plan that will help you 1) Calculate a budget 2) Track your spending 3) Manage payments and 4) Chart your progress.     Why SpringCoin? SpringCoin is better than existing solutions because it integrates highly advanced […]

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