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forget the coupons

Money Saving Tips – Forget the Coupons

Yup, you heard that right, forget the coupons! Coupons are an extremely effective marketing strategy grocery stores and food manufacturers use to get consumers to try new products.  Unless the coupon is for a product that you use regularly you are better off not purchasing the item. Instead, stick to what’s on your grocery list […]

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eating healthy and saving money

Why Eating Healthy and Saving Money Don’t Have to be Exclusive

Interesting Healthy Foods For Frugal Shoppers Healthy foods do not have to be the expensive health foods that have their own aisle at the store. In fact, healthy foods can be very inexpensive when the family is considering changing their lifestyle towards healthier eating. Therefore, the most frugal foods are the more healthy foods that […]

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how to use coupons

How to Use Coupons: Tips From a Non-Extreme Couponer

According to the consumer research firm Statista, over 305 Billion coupons for packaged goods were distributed in the Unites States in 2012 with 38% attributable to food products. U.S. consumers redeemed slightly less than 10% of those coupons in 2012 for a savings of $3.7 Billion. A growing trend is the use of online coupons […]

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frugal living

How to Be Frugal – 8 Easy Tips

Living with the word ‘budget’ hanging over your head everyday isn’t a very nice way to live, and besides the stress that financial worries can cause, living on a budget often leads to families favoring the cheap option over the frugal one. Cutting corners is great; just be sure you’re cutting the right ones! Taking […]

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Ten Financial Lessons I Learned From My Mom’s Overspending

Growing up, you must have wondered a lot of times that you would do things differently from the way your mom did. One of those things, in most cases must have been the way your mother handled her personal and household finances. If you are one of those persons whose mother had a problem of […]

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save on food

10 Frugal Ways to Save on Food

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, food is the third largest monthly expenditure families have after housing and transportation. With a little planning, you can save on food costs by trying some of these easy tips. 1. Eat Local. Locally grown food is not only fresher and tastes better, it is better for the environment […]

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