How to Reduce Stress Before Catching Your Budget Flight

budget flightThe discount getaway is like a dream come true for most of us.  A package deal from easyJet or Ryanair is a godsend, a chance to get out of town for some rest and relaxation.

Before you depart for your budget flight, make sure you’ve adequately prepared and try these low-cost tips.


Find the Right Seat

The early bird catches the worm – and the early flier enjoys the best seat in the departure lounge. When you enter the departure lounge, search for a seat that’s close to an electrical outlet (that laptop won’t charge itself) and which gives you a good view of the runway.

Waiting for your flight should be comfortable – the earlier you are, the more comfortable you’ll be.


Know Your questions

As soon as you encounter security at the airport, you’ll be attacked with questions. Know what they are and you’ll be able to keep your cool and avoid stuttering through your answers.

There are plenty of FAQs to help you through the security process. Give them a look and you’ll feel more confident travelling past those burly security professionals.


Check-in Online

Most airlines let you check-in via smartphone app or online and printout your boarding pass up to 24 hours prior to departure.


Enroll in TSA PreCheck & Global Entry

Avoid long security lines at the airport by signing up for TSA PreCheck for domestic travel.  For low-risk travelers, all you need to do is fill out some paperwork, complete a quick in-person interview and you can keep your shoes on!  Try downloading the My TSA app to check for current wait times and delays.  It can be a big timesaver and it can even help you find the shortest security line.


Join Frequent Flyer Program

Join a frequent flyer program and if possible,  fly exclusively on that airline.  You will earn perks like priority boarding, access to the lounge and seat upgrades.


Try Valet Parking

Trying to find parking at an airport can be a big challenge and if you are running late, forget it.

Some airports like Phoenix Sky Harbor or London Stansted now offer valet parking.  A valet will meet the passenger at the airport, pick up your car, and park the vehicle in a covered, secured nearby lot. The valet company’s system will even keep track of when a passengers’ flight is scheduled to arrive and meet them with their car curbside.

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  1. James 01/29/2016 at 5:37 pm #

    The only tried and tested tip I can share is get enough sleep before flight and be early at the airport. We know the feeling of being late and it really sucks!

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