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thoughtful and frugal

On Being Thoughtful and Frugal

When you hear the word “frugal,” you immediately think of the word cheap or being financially poor. People who tell you that they must learn to be more frugal are thought to have no life or they are about to file bankruptcy. These connotations are absolutely false! Many individuals enjoy shopping and they often express […]

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C Corp vs S Corp-min

C Corp Versus S Corp: Which Is The Better Business Structure?

An S Corporation is a business that passes the income through individual shareholders who will then divide the losses or profits. And for that reason, the federal tax will come in the form of individual taxes instead of the business being taxed as a whole. This will, therefore, make it a tad easier for the […]

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package delivery

Top 5 Tips for Saving Money on Parcel Delivery

It does not matter who you are, how many parcels you send daily, or to whom you are sending parcels. Everyone wants to save money when sending parcels. You might already be doing things to secure your financial future like establishing a private pension or 401k. However, the little savings you make now each time […]

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prepaid cards for teens

Prepaid Cards for Teens – Is it A Good Idea?

As a parent, you’d never want to see your teen going through a credit crash, and you would do anything literally to teach your child how to manage finances. When a person turns 18, he can then get his  very own credit card with a certain limit which can be anywhere from hundreds of dollars […]

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When is blowing the budget ok

When Blowing the Budget Doesn’t Mean Wrecking Your Finances

Blowing the budget! Just saying those words can make me cringe. So just when is blowing the budget OK? Ultimately that is for you to decide but I say whenever you want to as long as you are prepared to give up something in return. A Budget is a Roadmap The purpose of a budget […]

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