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Never Pay Full Price for These Services Again!

The economic changes wrought by the last few years have changed everyone’s lives. With many out of work, or finding their financial situation shifting drastically, more people are embracing the frugal lifestyle and cutting back on costs any way they can. But even if you’re doing your best to cut costs, chances are there are […]

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A Beginner’s Guide To Bitcoin

If you’re thinking of starting to invest in Bitcoin, it’s important that you do your research first. There can be a lot to learn when you first start out, and a lot of concepts to grasp. To help you, we’ve put together the following beginner’s guide. We will cover the basics of bitcoin, and how […]

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trading opportunities

How to Index the Perfect Trading Opportunities

Missing an opportunity is a typical issue rookie traders have in Forex. Most of them cannot identify the perfect position for opening an order. They also struggle with the best closing of the purchases. When their executions remain vulnerable, they experience losses. Their inconsistent performance increases the loss rate more than ever. Every individual participant […]

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What is an EFT: Electronic Funds Transfers

The term EFT stands for Electronic Funds Transfer. It is a way of transferring funds electronically from one account to another. The process is done through computers and electronic technology, eliminating the need for paper documentation like checks. Unlike ACH transactions, which are processed in batches on predetermined days, an EFT can be initiated whenever […]

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Attacking Debt and Embracing Frugality: 6 Steps to Take

Embracing frugality for the first time is not always easy or simple. It can create unwanted stress when approached incorrectly. It can also feel too restrictive rather than a new way of living.  Making smarter decisions around money is what thriftiness or frugality means. Whatever term that you’re most comfortable with, it’s about making sensible […]

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Who Is Best Suited to a Rewards Credit Card?

If you are considering applying for a credit card, one thing to note is the wide choice of cards available these days. There are cards that are designed to cater to those who want to transfer their balance to save money on interest, those who want a longer interest-free period, and those who want to […]

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Long-Term Investment

Long-Term Investment with Trading – Is It Possible?

Obviously, this is a rhetorical question for professional or well-versed traders. In fact, one of the first ways trading was made available to us was via forms of long-term investments that helped us build our pension funds, for example. Nowadays, however, more and more people see trading as short-term investments and are prepared to exit […]

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10 Top Reasons Why You Should Consider Relocating To Austin TX

Austin, the capital of Texas, is a thriving, vibrant city in the heart of the American south. With fantastic scenery, diverse culture and great affordability, there is something for everyone in Austin. The economy of Austin is one of the strongest in the state, and the rapidly growing population is a clear indication of this. […]

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