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employers who pay overtime

Approved Strategies for Handling Employers Who Pay Overtime

Employees have a duty to their employers, but this comes with the responsibility of the employer to ensure fair compensation in salaries and wages. While many people seeking employment would love to learn how to get an entry level job with no experience, the reality is the job market is competitive. In the highly competitive […]

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send money overseas

Is it Safe to Send Money Overseas?

Sending money overseas is nothing new these days. For most people, the task of sending money overseas usually comes around due to having friends or family who live abroad, or perhaps due to the cross-border sales of big-ticket assets such as cars or boats.  Whatever your reason for wishing to carry out an international cash […]

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Van Life – How to Budget and Get Started

You may have come across #vanlife on one of many social media platforms. Or you may have stumbled upon a YouTube channel that provides insight into this new, nomadic way of life that millennials are embracing. It’s a mini-phenomena that’s made its presence known with over 7 million search results on Instagram. And, if you’re […]

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financial worry

How Minimalism Eases Financial Worry

There’s a certain beauty to simplicity. Freedom of choice is great, but sometimes too many options can become overbearing and make life difficult. Especially when it adds to financial worry. And, the countercultural movement known as – minimalism, has begun to gain ground in recent years. People in jeans and black T-shirts. You’ve seen them. […]

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declaring student loan bankruptcy

Will Declaring Student Loan Bankruptcy Discharge Your Student Debt?

While filing Chapter 7 bankruptcy will eliminate the majority of debts, there are specific exceptions. Even though student loans are not automatically discharged during a bankruptcy proceeding, there are strategies that can be used to wipe out student loan debts. A Little History on Student Loan Debt In the past, students rarely incurred the levels […]

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make financial ends meet

Struggling for Money? Here are 9 Ways to Make Financial Ends Meet

The struggle for money can be very stressful, especially with the unending financial needs that always demand satisfaction. You may be forced to compromise other necessities when trying to satisfy some of the pressing needs. In such situations, stress and depressions could be inevitable. And these can only get worse, and the results might do […]

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wardrobe essentials

6 Wardrobe Essentials Every Woman Must Own

  Have you ever found yourself staring at your closet full of clothes and not being able to decide what to wear?  What if I only had one more pair of shoes to go with that favorite outfit? Instead of spending like that, invest on some timeless pieces and the wardrobe essentials. Below is a list […]

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keep your family safe

How to Keep Your Family Safe if Something Happens to You

When we’re young, in our 20s and 30s, we often think we’re immune from illness and injury. It’s reflected in the numbers: Only about a third of people ages 21-40 have disability insurance. However, unless someone is independently wealthy, it could be one of the most important forms of insurance to have, especially at a […]

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