Traveling to Hong Kong on a Budget

traveling to hong kong on a budgetHong Kong is considered one of the gems of Asia for visitors to explore. Spending time in this famous city need not be expensive and there are plenty of ways to keep costs down while there. The following are a few to consider for anyone thinking about a Hong Kong vacation.
    The popularity of the city as a vacation destination means that getting there by air is relatively simple. Flights to Hong Kong are generally inexpensive; as such, having a fun-filled vacation is easy and light on the pocket. Shopping around is the best way to find low-cost tickets and there are plenty of online flight comparison sites that will search many airlines to find the cheapest prices. There are plenty of others though and searching as many as possible should find the most affordable flights.
Getting Around
    The downtown area of Hong Kong is relatively small and compact so that getting around it on foot is easily possible. The public transport systems around Hong Kong are extensive and these are the best way to get further afield rather than hiring a car. Options available include the Mass Transit Railway (MRT) system, trams, buses, and ferries. It can be worth considering the purchase of an Octopus Card. This can be used to pay for public transport journeys as well as for shopping and in many cases offers discounts on purchases.
Free Attractions
    There are plenty of great free attractions around the city that can help keep the cost of a visit down. The Hong Kong Zoo and Botanical Gardens is home to many plants and animals and is free to enter. Victoria Harbour is a famous location in the city and a free light show is staged there each evening. Those planning to visit a museum should do so on a Wednesday if they can, with many offering free admission on this day. There is no charge to enter the Temple of a Thousand Buddhas and this is also the case for many other temples.
    A visit to Hong Kong will provide an experience to remember and the costs involved in doing this need not be overly expensive. The details above give a few options for visiting the city on a budget. Take them on board to enjoy a Hong Kong adventure at an affordable cost.

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