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controlling renovation costs

Controlling Renovation Costs: Stay in Place or Move Out Temporarily?

Planning a major renovation can be the ideal way to improve your home. You might be considering remodeling the kitchen or bathroom. Perhaps you’re thinking about adding additional rooms to expand your living space.   Regardless of the type of renovation project you’re planning, the question of whether to stay in the home or move […]

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How To Keep Warm in the Winter (Without Freezing your Wallet)

Brrr… feel that chill? It looks as though fall is here, and winter won’t be far behind. For many of us, this is an exciting proposition. Fall and winter mean beautiful sights (first the fall colors, then freshly fallen snow), holiday visits with the family, and memories that leave you all warm and fuzzy inside. […]

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DIY Home Makeover

4 Things to Consider Before Tackling A DIY Home Makeover

Think you’re ready to tackle a home makeover on your own? Here are four things you should consider before getting started. With the summer holidays behind us and the cooler weather creeping in, it’s the perfect time of year to think about enhancing our indoor spaces. But if you’ve been thinking of tackling a home […]

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controlling lawn pests

Frugal Tips for Controlling Lawn Pests

Nature is full of wonders, and especially if you’re a home gardener, you know that we share the earth with all manner of other creatures, some of which are nearly invisible. Every living thing has a purpose, but when it comes to your lawn, it does seem that the purpose of some of them is […]

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staying safe with medicine

Your Health: Staying Safe with Medicine

Americans have come to rely on medicine to combat aches and pains to cancer.  This reliance on medication has lead to unrealistic expectations and a dangerous increase in drug overdose.  Here are some tips that can keep you safe with medicine. Medicine Isn’t Magic Modern medicine is a wonderful thing but keeping your expectations in […]

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food prep organization

Food Prep: Saving Time and Money in the Kitchen

Preparing healthy meals can be a challenge especially when a busy schedule can make it difficult to offer healthy foods to your family at meal-time.  Here are some tips that can cut food prep time and save you money preparing food in the kitchen.   Organize the Fridge How many times have you thrown out expired or […]

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