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Weekly Roundup 10/30/2011

I found some excellent articles this week from some blogs that should be on your regular reading list. Enjoy your weekend!   Sustainable Life Blog has some must see photographs from the last in a series  Alaska Pictures Part 4 Family Money Values shares Lessons from Ursula Burns – Chairwoman and CEO of Xerox Dollar […]

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How to Control Spending in 5 Easy Steps

 Controlling spending habits does not need to be difficult, in fact the process is a simple one.  The difficult aspect of reigning in spending is deciding what you are willing to give up.  By following these 5 steps, you will be well on your way to controlling your spending. 1) Find out what you are […]

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Changing the World $25 at a Time Through Microlending

What is Microlending? Microlending is the practice of providing small loans to those that do not have access to conventional forms of financing. There has been much research on the effectiveness of microlending in making permanent improvement in the quality of life of recipients.  Microlending is not appropriate in geographic regions where the lack of […]

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Weekly Roundup 10/16

Each week I share some of my favorite personal finance articles from around the web.   Sustainable Life Blog shares some great advice on preserving fresh fruit in CSA Update 3. Family Money Values hosted a guest post from Jacob at My Personal Finance Journey titled What Would be the Best and Worst Jobs on […]

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Weekly Personal Finance Roundup – October 9th

Each week I choose several articles to feature in my Weekly Personal Finance Roundup. As always – Read, Learn, Take Action! Paul – The Frugal Toad   Sustainable Life Blog has some great insight into Fincon11 in Bloggers are a wild bunch: Fincon11. Family Money Values shares a poignant birthday wish to her son in […]

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debit card fees

How to Avoid the New Debit Card Fees

Bank fees are on the increase again this week with Wells Fargo announcing they will start charging debit card customers a monthly $3 fee. Bank of America recently announced plans to charge $5 per month for customers that use debit cards for purchases and will make $2.3 Billion from the new fee next year.  Not […]

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How to be Frugal and Have a Life

Frugal living is making the most of what you have and there are degrees of frugality.  I tend to look at being frugal as a way to stretch my money so I can enjoy the things that make me happy. Being frugal doesn’t mean that you buy your clothes at goodwill, on the contrary I […]

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Weekly Top Personal Finance Posts 10/2

Each week I select a few of my favorite articles to share with you.  I hope you learn something new, enjoy! The Frugal Toad   Sustainable Life Blog shares some great ways a business can reduce energy costs in Business Energy Efficiency: The Guide. DollarVersity has some wise words to share in Today is the […]

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