Best Saving Money Tips – Try Camping for Lasting Memories

Best Saving Money Tips



Sometimes it's not about the money!

Camping is not only a great way of saving money on vacations it is a great way to enjoy the outdoors and connect with your family. Every summer I really look forward to a Father/Daughter camping trip, we have such a great time hiking, fishing, and just being silly together. I have all the camping equipment so it was a really affordable way to spend some quality time with my daughter. One of the the things we enjoy doing together is planning the menu for our camping trip. Lunch is usually sandwiches if we are on the lake or we pack  something light like cheese, crackers and fruit if we are planning a hike.

Doughboys for Breakfast

Doughboys in the Rain

Doughboys in the Rain

This is not only a quick and simple to make breakfast but they are delicious. My daughter made three of them! The recipe couldn't be more simple. We used Bisquick but you can use any type of refrigerated biscuit dough. Traditionalists like myself will insist doughboys taste better when made with a hand-carved hardwood stick but you can use a wooden dowel with good results. To make the doughboy prepare the bisquick by adding just enough water to get a dough consistency. Apply cooking spray or butter to the end of your hardwood stick and apply the dough with a spoon, be sure to cover the end of the stick so you end up with a pocket when finished. Now for the fun part! Pull up a chair next to the campfire and cook your doughboy until golden brown! Fill the center with butter and your favorite fresh fruit or jam and enjoy.

Fun and Cheap Things to Do

Camping is a great way to spend quality time with your family and lends itself to outdoor activities that are both fun and inexpensive. Some fun things my daughter and I did on our camping trip were:


Rode our bikes to see the view

Saw some incredible plants on a walk

Saw an Elk while having breakfast

Saw an Elk while having breakfast!

Fishing at Woods Canyon Lake

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