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DIY Projects

Bathroom Backsplash

We are getting our house ready to sell and are in the middle of many DIY Projects. It's a lot of work and we are hoping it will pay off when it comes time to sell.  So what DIY projects should you tackle and which projects should you hire a contractor to do? It depends on your skill level and your budget.

Painting and landscaping are examples of DIY projects that most homeowners can tackle themselves. If you are a little more adventurous installing tile or wood flooring are DIY projects that you can do yourself and save some money. If you have never installed tile I would recommend attending a How-to-Workshop at one of your local home improvement stores.


DIY Projects

Kitchen Backsplash

I have done several tile projects over the years and encourage you to try installing your own tile back splash. It is a relatively small project that can make a huge difference in the look of your kitchen and bathrooms. The tile I bought cost $5 for a 12×12 piece and the total cost for the kitchen and bathrooms was around $150.  It's also very easy to change out a faucet and make the entire bathroom look completely different for very little money.

What ever project you decide to tackle, be sure to think carefully about what you can do yourself and when to call in a professional.




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