Festival of Frugality #399 – Frugality is a Good Thing

frugality is a good thing Welcome to the 399th Edition of The Festival of Frugality.  We are pleased to share the following articles on frugality and personal finance. Please remember to link back to this carnival if your post was included, if you'd like to submit a post to an upcoming festival, you can do that here.

Richard Adams presents Ways To Save Water At Home And Reduce Your Bills By $184 posted at Frugality Magazine.

Emily presents Putting Rent on a Credit Card: An Opportunity to Churn posted at Evolving Personal Finance.

Daniel presents When You Should Pay Bills Manually posted at Sweating The Big Stuff.

Monica presents 6 Things I Won't Give Up To Save Money! posted at Monica On Money.

Buck Inspire presents Workplace Productivity In America posted at Buck Inspire.

David presents Lending Money To Friends posted at Financial Nerd.

Christopher presents http://thisthatandthemba.com/2013/06/disposable-income-how-not-to-throw-it-away/ posted at This That and The MBA.

Joshua Rodriguez presents How To Protect Yourself From Identity Theft Online posted at CNA Finance.

Barbara Friedberg presents Who Wants a Free MP3 Player? posted at Barbara Friedberg Personal Finance.

Daniel presents What Exactly is Your Debt to Credit Limit Ratio? posted at Make Money Make Cents.

Oscar presents 3 Free Online Retirement Planning Tools posted at Money is the Root.

Jack presents What Can Financial Planners Do For You? posted at Money Saving Ethics.

Amy presents Top Tips for Saving Money on Groceries posted at Money Mishaps.

Lenny presents 10 Excellent and Frugal Finance Tips posted at Best Money Saving Blog.

Kyle James presents 6 Ways To Be a Smarter Shopper posted at Eyes on the Dollar.

Andrea presents Getting Your Child to Contribute Towards Education Costs posted at So Over This.

Bob presents 50 Excellent Tips to Improve Your Finances Part 5 of 5 posted at Dwindling Debt.

Miss T. presents Six Fall Money Savers posted at Prairie Eco Thrifter.

Harry Campbell presents Get 2 Free Months of Health Insurance Through COBRA posted at Your PF Pro.

Harry Campbell presents One Stream of Income is Never Enough posted at The Four Hour Work Day.

Carmen presents 101 Random Acts of Kindness Ideas posted at Gajizmo.

Tony presents Downsizing Within Your Home posted at We Only Do This Once.

Crystal presents Staying on a Budget in High Cost of Living Areas posted at Budgeting in the Fun Stuff.

Daisy presents Saving Money On Food posted at Suburban Finance.

Kyle presents The 4 Best Lottery Winner Stories posted at The Penny Hoarder.

Hank presents Don't Be Kept In The Dark About The Costs Of Investing posted at Money Q&A.

Minimalist presents Ways to Save When You Are Travelling posted at Minimalist Finance.

Tushar presents Preparing Financially for 2014 posted at Start Investing Money.

Suba presents Without the Kids – Save Money, Enjoy Life posted at Broke Professionals.

Mrs. Accountability presents When to Upgrade… And When Not To posted at Out of Debt Again.

LaTisha presents How Much Do We Save to Buy a House? posted at Young Finances.

Cat Alford presents Reevaluating My Student Loan Plan posted at Budget Blonde.

Tushar Mathur presents Are Coupons Worth it? posted at Everything Finance.

Corey presents Tips for Landing a Job Through Craigslist posted at 20s Finances.

Wayne presents The Light at the End of the Financial Tunnel posted at Young Family Finance.

Crystal presents Transitioning to One Income posted at Married with Debt.

SBB presents Meeting the Mouse: Budgeting a Trip to a Disney Park posted at Simple Budget Blog.

Tushar presents 4 Pieces of Money Advice for Gen X posted at Finance TUBE.

Lindy presents Can You Make a Living Playing Poker Online? posted at Minting Nickels.

Maria presents Two strategies for financial independence and matters to consider posted at The Money Principle.

Ryan presents Could the Pomodoro Technique Help Your Productivity? posted at Cash Money Life.

Don presents 5 Simple Ways to Cut Car Insurance Costs posted at MoneySmartGuides.

MR presents Last Quarter Cash Flow Changes posted at Money Reasons.

ETZ25 presents Flashlight Tag Remembered – A Fun Frugal Game posted at Entertainment Timez.

Laurie presents I May Be Easy, But I’m Not Cheap: How to Save Money on Pet Costs posted at Frugal Rules.

Michelle presents The City of Lost Wages posted at See Debt Run.

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