Frugal Living Tip – Manage Subscriptions to Save Money & Time

manage subscriptions From newspaper subscriptions to magazine subscriptions to online subscriptions, the cost of subscriptions can add up quickly. Magazine subscriptions can cost from $12-$35+ per year and with all the great online content out there you can save money by canceling your subscription and getting your information online for free.

A great way to manage your online content is to use an online content aggregator. My favorite online aggregator apps are Flipboard and Feedly.  They are completely free and both let you select what categories of online content you want to read.  Feedly works best if your Google Reader Account is organized by subheadings.  Flipboard is a relatively new online content aggregating service that allows users to create magazines of collections of related content. If you have a topic you are interested in chances are someone has created a magazine about it!

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