How to Use Online Coupons to Save Money

Saving Money with Online Coupons 

online couponsEvery year thousands of deal-hunters dive through ads and even wait in long lines to take advantage of a true bargain. ABC's Good Morning America says, “While many savvy shoppers are familiar with achieving big savings by using paper coupons available through most department stores, only 38 percent of American households report having used online coupons when making a purchase from online retailers.” By overlapping online shopping with online coupons, you can get the same deals or better, in the comfort of your own home. But the savings is just one of the reasons to try it:

It brings high-end retailers within reach. Some stores are simply out of reach for the frugal buyer. However, through group buying coupons, discount codes, and online coupons, many specials come up that allow even the most frugal of frugal toads to purchase high end merchandise.

Some things you don't want to buy used. Some items such as shoes, underwear, fine garments that fray or wear easily, and different electronic devices are preferable to buy new, especially if you don't know the history. While many thrift stores offer high quality, gently used merchandise, I've never heard anyone say they look forward to finding used underwear on their next shopping trip.

You know immediately if your size is in stock. It can be extremely frustrating to trek out to a store for a single item you need, only to find out itís not in stock in your size. Most websites have a size guide, so if you have a small tape measure at home, you can measure yourself and accurately find your size. With the click of a button you know if your size is available or back-ordered, and you haven't even left your computer.

It can reduce the temptation of an average shopping trip. A sharp frugalist knows there are a lot of financial dangers in stores. From end caps designed to solicit impulse buys, to bargains on items youíre not searching for, there are a lot of ways to lose money in your average shopping trip. By staying at home you eliminate a lot of temptation. You also generally have to review your online shopping cart before you pay, giving you one last time to make sure you need everything you've selected.

How do you use online coupons?

Step 1: Find the online coupons.

First, identify where you would like to shop. You can search for the name of your preferred store or you can go to a website that offers online coupons and search for your store. For example, to find clothes from Boden or New Look, you can go to an online coupon site such as MyVoucherCodes. If you search for Boden Discount Code or New Look Discount Code you can find a generous listing of different offers.

Step 2: Determine the best deal for you.

Many different discount codes can be available to you. There may be a special on a specific type of item, on a total purchase, or on shipping costs. If youíre looking only for a single item, like a dress, your savings would be different than if youíre buying a variety of items. Estimating what you'll be spending on the different items and then calculate how the online coupons would apply. 10% off a $30 dress is three dollars saved, but free shipping may put more in your pocket. When you find the best deal, click through (making note of the discount code if you donít have cookies enabled), and shop on the retailerís website.

Step 3: Shop

Search through the websites adding applicable items to your cart. Review your cart before your purchase, add your discount code if it doesn't show up automatically, and purchase. For super savings, haunt the website's clearance section. In some cases a store may not allow a coupon or promo codes to be applied to a discounted item, but often you can use an online coupon for sale merchandise. It's like doubling down on savings.

In short, if you are willing to take the few minutes to search for an online coupon, you can save yourself time and frustration without sacrificing discounts and deals.

Readers: How much of your shopping is online? Have you used online coupons to save money?

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