6 Wardrobe Essentials Every Woman Must Own


wardrobe essentials Have you ever found yourself staring at your closet full of clothes and not being able to decide what to wear?  What if I only had one more pair of shoes to go with that favorite outfit? Instead of spending like that, invest on some timeless pieces and the wardrobe essentials. Below is a list of 6 must-have items that you must own. These are ideal for any occasion and can also help give new life to old outfits.

Black Pants

One of the most important items in your wardrobe is a pair of black pants that has a flattering fit. You can shop from popular leggings styles such as shape wear leggings. Black pants are always trendy and can be paired with various kinds of tops and shirts. You can adorn a comfortable look while also making a style statement. It is definitely a wardrobe staple you must buy.

Black Leather Pumps

Black Leather Pumps are footwear that can perfectly complete most looks. It is a classic that has survived the test of time and changing fashion trends. You can wear it to work with shirts and pants during the day, and also flaunt it with a dress or skirts in more casual gatherings. The pumps can be plain or can be adorned with slight designs. And now's the time to take care of those nagging bunions with a set of bunion splints . Irrespective of the design, a pair of black pumps is a go-to footwear for most outfits.

Classy Jacket

Wearing a nice jacket effortlessly upgrades the overall look. You can buy one that matches your fashion spirit and personality. Get one made of great fabric and enjoy the open design. These jackets are timeless and can also be shared with family members, and can be a welcome addition to your work wardrobe. Trendy jackets can be worn with flowy dresses, jeans and even with a skirt.

Flowy Evening Dress

You perhaps already have a black dress. While a black dress resembles a sophisticated style, a flowy evening dress is important for lazy evenings. You can get a colorful one which can be paired with pretty scarves. Look for simple design elements such as a fitted waist, a V neckline, and a floaty skirt. This will not be one of those dresses which you will wear once and stored away in a lonely corner of the wardrobe. You will find reasons to flaunt this beautiful dress quite frequently. Attempt to create new looks every time with accessories, as it keeps things interesting.

A Clutch

You perhaps already own a daytime bag, but it is not something you can carry to festive events. This is where a clutch comes into play. Buy a clutch that can be carried with any outfit. Also, make sure to get one which is big enough to hold all your essentials. A good clutch for casual use would have space for your keys, cell phone and even your lipstick. It is ideal if the clutch features a chain strap so that you can hang from shoulder when you do not want to carry it.

Nice Scarves

Specially to complement your evening dress and other simple looks, you can buy a few scarves. These add a pop of color to the entire look and allows scope for experimentation every time. You can buy Kashmir shawls if you are also hoping the wrap to keep you warm while you are out. You can wear a nice scarve to classes and also out on the town.

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