Fashion for Less – How to Save on Clothing

Make a Plan for Clothing Savings

Dressing for success does not necessarily have to cost an arm and a leg. Do some research and follow these tips to save big on clothing.

Inventory What Clothing You Have

Remember that great winter outfit that you stashed in the spare bedroom closet? Take inventory of what clothing you have and donate to charity those items you do not plan to wear in the future. No one needs 12 sweaters unless of course you live near the arctic circle. Don't forget the tax donation receipt!

Shop at Clothing Consignment and Outlet Stores

Consult your local yellow pages for the nearest clothing consignment store. Another tip is to find a store in a more upscale location, the clothing will usually be higher end designer labels.

Consignment Stores: Before buying that new pair of jeans ask the sales person where the clearance rack is. You never know you just might find a pair of jeans for less money!

Outlet Stores: Nordstrom Rack is famous for designer label items at great prices. Check back often as selection can vary day to day. Just about every metropolitan area will have outlet stores that offer shoppers brand name and designer label apparel at discount prices. Shop carefully as some items are not first quality and may have defects.

Shop Offseason

Buy bathing suits at the end of Summer and get that winter coat in February. Learning when department stores have seasonal clearance sales is the best way to save big on clothing purchases.

Online Stores

Don’t forget this quick and easy alternative. You may find that there is a larger selection online than in just about any other brick and mortar outlet. As long as you know where to look, you can easily find a stylish and fun outfit to wear. 

Finally, the most obvious advantage of online shopping is that you can browse from the privacy of your own home.

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