Find the Best Deals by Shopping Off Season

Off Season Shopping

Shopping online has skyrocketed in popularity the past 15 years. These days many people choose to do almost all of their fiscal transactions online. Have you ever bought something online on a site like Amazon, only to find it a few months later at a much lower price? This can be incredibly frustrating; knowing the best ways to circumvent that problem will save you some grief. One of the most common ways to buy something at the lowest price is to buy it off-season.  Depending on what you are looking for, there are peak times to buy almost everything. Off-season doesn't always mean the opposite time of the year. Below is a simple guide as to when to buy some popular items.

Winter Coats and Clothing

The best time to buy a winter coat is not always summer months. Clothing is an extremely seasonal item because fashion and trends change to fit weather and popular culture. However, this means that the best time to buy clothes isn't very far after they have gone out of style. Instead, the best time to purchase clothing items is during what is called a transitional period. For example, if you want a winter coat, one of the best times to purchase one is not June. Instead, wait until the stores start bringing out their Spring collections. Yes, you are going to miss some of the most popular trends as those items tend to sell out before transitional periods, but you will get them at a much lower price than you otherwise would.

Outdoor Furniture 

Unlike clothing, furniture isn't an item that tends to go out of style quickly. It also lasts longer than a single season fashion item. For example, the armchair on our patio needed replacing so we went shopping at Lowe's the other day and found the perfect chair. Outdoor furniture can be used as long as weather permits and fashion trends change little from year to year. However, this means that you don't have to jump on them the moment that the leaves start to turn to get a deal. You can save money on Patio Cushions, Lighting Umbrellas & More by waiting for the opposite season. The reason for this is that many manufacturers are forced to store their out of season items and would rather move the item and make money than pay for the storage.

TVs and Electronics 

Electronics tend to seesaw in price in relation to holidays. For example, during Christmas and graduation time, electronics tend to increase in price more than other times of the year. Basic economics at work here is that demand drives price. Other than staying away from these peak times, you can pay attention to iterations of the product. To get the best deal on these items, you want to pay attention to exactly what it is you want to buy. When new versions of an item come out, like a gaming console, the older versions tend to get slashed in price. Buying the brand new version can be tempting; however, typically even high dollar electronic items don't change much from version to version.

Readers: Have you ever tried shopping off season? What did you buy and would you do it again?

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