Nectar Vs. Purple: Which is the Best Mattress for the Money?

best mattress for the money

The longer a buying decision will affect a person, the more that decision matters.

It goes without saying people want the most for their money – but when it comes to buying a mattress, making the right choice is even more crucial.

A person’s mattress can either help them get a better night’s sleep or work directly against that goal. Today we’ll be discussing two big-name mattress brands and analyzing where they stand.

Purple, a brand known for their super grid mattresses made from hyper-elastic polymer material and Nectar, a cost-effective manufacturer that utilizes layers of thick memory foam. Let’s find out which of these two mattresses is the superior sleeper!

What’s Inside?

The best mattresses balance both support and cushion to provide a better night’s sleep. While both Purple and Nectar have skipped pocketed coils in favor of other materials, their construction (and how they feel) is completely different.

Nectar utilizes a comfort layer that is around 3 inches thick. The transition layer below uses more traditional memory foam to help ease the user down slowly. The foundation offers a half-foot of poly foam giving the mattress a stable base. Nectar’s thick layers give you a “sinking in” feeling upon laying down. When compared to the Purple, a Nectar mattress will feel more like a classic memory foam mattress.

The Purple mattress is known for its unique, polymer grid called the “Smart Grid,” which is designed to adapt to the user in real-time. This allows you to move around freely at night while still enjoying a good sleep experience. For sleepers who have a tendency to toss and turn all night, this can really help keep you (and your partner) asleep throughout your recommended 7-9 hour sleep cycle. The mattress’s transition layer is 4 inches of high-density poly foam while the foundation is the same thickness, but made of higher density material for an added bit of underlying cushion. Purple’s gel-like grid moves with you as you sleep, and the hyper-elastic grid gives this mattress a springy feel.

Staying Cool

Nectar utilizes a number of foam layers infused with cooling gel while Purple’s smart-grid design is built to be breathable. Both designs are built with hot sleepers in mind, with the goal of making sure the mattress doesn’t absorb too much body heat and become uncomfortable.

Temperature affects sleep, so these design choices help make Purple and Nectar very popular brands for those who run hot at night.

Delivery & Unboxing

Both mattresses are delivered wrapped up an in a tube and require a bit of time to unpack. The Purple mattress is slightly heavier at 110 pounds while the Nectar weighs in at around 70 pounds.

Purple mattresses are made in the U.S.A, while Nectar is built and shipped from China. Both mattresses may release a bit of off-gassing due to packaging, but the smell should go away completely within 48 hours.

Trial And Warranty

Both mattresses offer a generous trial period and warranty, which should help to reassure customers who might be hesitant to buy their mattress online. Purple offers a 100-day sleep trial which gives the sleeper over three months to ensure the mattress is the right fit. Additionally, all Purple mattress come with a ten-year warranty.

The Nectar, on the other hand, offers an impressive 365-day trial and lifetime warranty for your mattress. Both options provide ample time to ensure sleep satisfaction.

Analyzing Nectar Vs. Purple: Which Option is Superior?

Overall, based on the quality of the interior structure, domestic materials, and generous trial time, the Purple mattress is the superior choice.  The “Smart Grid” technology will ensure great REM sleep for most sleepers- even those that sweat or move around at night.  The technology also ensures a partner will sleep well and not be disturbed by a restless sleeper.

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