ShopSmart Poll – Coupon Savings are Real

According to a recent poll conducted by Consumer Reports National Research Center for ShopSmart magazine, women who use shopping loyalty cards and coupons save an average of $678 or 10% on their grocery bill each year.

Some results from the poll..

  • 55% of female coupon users bought an off-brand for coupon savings
  • The most common source for coupons was the weekend newspaper
  • The average female coupon user collects 7 coupons and uses 4
  • The average female grocery shopper spends $116 per week on groceries
  • 19% of those who watch checkout scanners caught errors

Tips to reduce your grocery bill…

  • Use shopper loyalty cards
  • Use a weekly grocery list and only buy what is on the list
  • Leave children at home when shopping for groceries
  • Avoid the impulse purchases at checkout and aisle endcaps
  • Use coupons
  • Buy meat on sale and freeze for later use
  • Save leftovers and eat for lunch
  • Invest in and use a crockpot
  • Organize and inventory pantry to avoid duplicate purchases
  • Buy sale items in quantity
  • Join warehouse club – buy sale items and avoid overspending
  • Inventory freezer once a month to avoid wasting food
  • Cook entrees on weekend for weekday meals to avoid eating out

Saving money on groceries is not rocket science but it does take discipline and a little planning.  By planning your weekly grocery shopping, using a grocery list and coupons, you can save some real money.

What tips do you use to save money on groceries?

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