Turn These 5 Common Junk Items Into Cash

junk items into cashWe all have junk lying around our homes. It has a way of accumulating over the years, and before we know it, it's starting to take over our entire houses. When you finally find the time to go through it all, don't simply throw it away. Chances are you could get some cash for your old junk, and turn it into something positive. Here are just a few of the common junk items in your home that you could turn into some extra cash.


Old Clothing

Old clothing is something that everyone seems to have. We grow out of some pieces, others go out of style, and the rest lose some of their quality. Whatever the reason, you probably have at least several items of clothing around the home that you no longer need. If you don't want to toss them, or donate them to charity, you could try to sell them. As long as the pieces are in good condition, you can likely find a buyer for them, especially if they are nicer pieces. Things like socks and t-shirts are unlikely to sell, but if you have some nice dresses, or an old suit, you can probably get at least a few dollars by posting it online.


Computers and Electronics

As electronics become out of date, we replace them, and are unsure of what to do with the old ones. Many of us have old cell phones, televisions, and computers around the house just gathering dust. If this is you, you're in luck. There are plenty of people who will purchase old electronic equipment, either to use it themselves, or to harvest some of the parts from them. Depending on the condition and item, you could find yourself scoring some serious cash for a piece of old equipment. Just be sure you remove any personal information that might remain on the device before you sell it.



Similar to electronic equipment, old appliances are always a good item to try and sell. Maybe you recently purchased a new refrigerator or oven, and don't have anything to do with the old one. Since a lot of people don't want to spend money on a brand new appliance, they are looking to get a used model at a discount. Try listing your appliance for sale in local newspapers or online classified websites. Keep in mind that you likely won't get what you paid for it, but if it helps save you money by paying for part of the newer appliance, it's well worth the effort.



Do you have a junk car just sitting in your driveway? Did you always assume that you'd fix it up one day, but haven't gotten around to it? If so, perhaps it's time to give up and start looking into cash for junk cars near me. Your junk car is just taking up space, and you might as well get what you can for it. Since it's a junk car, you probably won't get much from a dealership or private seller, but a junk car place will be able to give you some cash for it. Get what you can, and put that money to better use, like another car.


Old Furniture

Finally, if you have some old furniture lying around your home, it might be time to get rid of it. As long as the furniture is in good condition, without too many signs of wear, you can probably get something for it. Some people just want cheap furniture for their homes, while others are looking for old antique furniture that they can fix up and flip for more money. Unless you want to do this work yourself, you might as well sell the furniture instead of having it take up space in your basement. Post some ads to local Facebook groups or newspapers, and list it at a competitive price. Don't forget to include some pictures, especially if there is damage, so that people know what they are buying before they show up to your home.


Put Your Junk to Good Use

Don't let your useless junk just sit around your home. Take some time to go through everything that you have, and then start doing some research into what you could get for it. It's surprising how everyday junk lying around your home can quickly turn into a nice cash influx, allowing you to put your junk to a more productive use. Not only will the additional cash help, but your home will look better as a result.

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