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Credit Slips but Car Loans Rise

The Federal Reserve have released the latest consumer credit update for the month of September and it shows that after a 4.7% decrease in August the month of September saw a rise of 3.6%. The report outlines the difference between the revolving and non-revolving credit that has been offered in September. Non –revolving credit covers: […]

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Countdown to Black Friday – Memories of Filene's Basement

Black Friday, the name even sounds ominous.  Like some disease or a day of mourning and loss.  I  guess some people probably do mourn and feel a sense of loss when they arrive home and start adding up the receipts.  I must admit that I have never partaken in the mayhem that we know as […]

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Week in Review – Thank a Veteran Edition

Well it has been another great week and I am sharing a few of my favorite reads for the week. Be sure to thank a Veteran for their service! -Read, learn something new, take action Paul   You Have More Than You Think shares Hard Work – The Antidote to Joblessness My Journey to Millions […]

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What’s the Best Investment Advice? – Invest in Yourself

When my first child was born my Mother gave me some great advice: take good care of yourself so that you may take good care of others.  It makes perfect sense to take care of yourself however many people fall short in this area.  By investing in yourself you can increase the likely hood of […]

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Weekly Roundup – It’s Fall Edition

Well the temperatures have finally dropped and it is 64 degrees and sunny outside. I’ll be taking our dog Jazz for a walk later but first I’d like to share some great Personal Finance posts I discovered this week. As always read, learn something new, and act upon it. Paul   Great Personal Finance Reading […]

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Weekly Roundup 10/30/2011

I found some excellent articles this week from some blogs that should be on your regular reading list. Enjoy your weekend!   Sustainable Life Blog has some must see photographs from the last in a series  Alaska Pictures Part 4 Family Money Values shares Lessons from Ursula Burns – Chairwoman and CEO of Xerox Dollar […]

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