10 Top Reasons Why You Should Consider Relocating To Austin TX

relocating to Austin

Austin, the capital of Texas, is a thriving, vibrant city in the heart of the American south. With fantastic scenery, diverse culture and great affordability, there is something for everyone in Austin. The economy of Austin is one of the strongest in the state, and the rapidly growing population is a clear indication of this. Relocating for work can be one of the best ways to make the move.  

You should think through your decision carefully. Take extended trips to Austin before you choose and ensure that it is the right place for you. Here are some of the best reasons you should move to Austin TX this year.  

Beautiful Weather 

Cold weather is rare in Texas, with spring, summer and fall all warmer than other areas. Winters can be chill but rarely below freezing for long. Be prepared for scorching summers. Austin is well prepared for the heat, with air conditioning commonplace.  

Lower Taxes 

Texas has no state income tax, meaning your tax bill will be lower. Bear in mind you will still pay federal income and local taxes.  

Friendly People 

Texans are friendly, hospitable people. Conversing with strangers is normal in Austin, which may come as a culture shock to people used to impersonal cities like London or New York. This makes it much easier to make new friends in your community.  


The cost of living in Austin is low compared to other major cities. The average wage is high, and with a lower cost of living, this means you will have more disposable income.  

Excellent Schools 

You will have access to high-quality schools in Texas, making it ideal for families or couples looking to settle down. Research to find the best school districts in Austin. There are highly rated universities and colleges in Austin for anyone hoping to further their education.  

Job Opportunities 

Many tech companies have been making the move to Austin. In addition to the thriving tech industries, you will find job prospects in many different areas of business and industry. If moving from overseas for work, ensure you have the correct work visa. Find a lawyer with experience in Austin immigration, like Farmer Law PC, to help you navigate the immigration process.  

Breath-Taking Scenery 

Austin is close to beautiful natural landmarks. It is an excellent combination of city living with the countryside at your fingertips. There are hot springs, hiking trails and national parks in easy traveling distance from Austin.  


Austin has many diverse neighborhoods. It is a melting pot for people of different nationalities, races and cultures. No matter where you’re coming from, you’ll find a community of like-minded people to make you feel at home.  

Vibrant Culture 

Austin has art, music and culture to suit any taste, as well as a vibrant history. Many consider Austin the Live Music Capital of the World, making it the perfect choice for music lovers.  

Amazing Food 

The diversity of its inhabitants influences the food scene in Austin. There is food from almost any culture imaginable, as well as traditional Texan fare.

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