10 Ways to Create a Great Corporate Video

great corporate video

Corporate videos come in several different varieties. There are marketing videos, explainer videos, about us videos, etc. Some are meant to educate, some are meant to entertain, and some are designed to do both. It’s a challenging task to plan and produce a great corporate video. They communicate with your customers what your product is about and explain the unique value proportion of your product. With a great corporate video, you can tell your customers how you intend to deliver the first-class service and why they should consider your company the best. Whether you're a beginner or an average corporate video maker, these 10 ways to create a great corporate video will help you with your next video project.

Know your target audience

Think about who your audience is and what their needs are before you start writing a script or get the camera rolling. Your business objectives help you to segment your target audience. If your goal is to raise awareness, then your audience should be quite different and larger than the ones who are already on your site needing a little nudge to drop a product into their carts.

Have a solid script and concept

A solid script and concept is the foundation for success when it comes to making an influential business video. So, start your video making process by determining the format of your video. Is it a demo video that you want or a talking head style video that needs a carefully worded script? Or it’s a Q&A video which needs pre-written questions? Settle on a format that you want and create an outline after that. Lastly, fill in the details and make sure to storyboard it.

Hire a professional

It’s necessary to state that hiring a professional is an obvious first step. It can be a priceless asset for you to hire one of the professionals. They know how to provide you the insights on scripts, logistics, lighting, outsource video editing, and every other variation in the production process. There are some popular funny videos on YouTube which were shot by amateurs but your business should not make the mistake of shooting amateur quality videos. You should always consider professional-grade business videos to user-generated content.

Select what type of video you want to make

Every marketing campaign starts with a purpose. You’ll want a response from your audience after investing your money, time, and effort to make a compelling audio-visual experience. And the response from the audience depends on what kind of content you make. Here are 3 types of corporate videos that you can consider:

  • Product Demonstration Videos: Product demonstration videos are made to convince customers that your product should solve a problem. In this type of video, you display them how it works.
  • Review Videos: In this category, you let the customers do the talking. All you have to do is just introduce the topic, and they will do the review and give a call to action.
  • Instructional Videos: Instructional videos are to discuss a problem that your customers face and you have to educate them with a solution.

Have a clear and simple message

Your corporate video should be very simple to understand. Your customers should understand what your business can do for them and how you can actually solve their problem. Your viewers will click away and go for something simpler if your video is too detailed and complicated. So, your video has to be compelling, brief and focused on a specific message.

Keep it short

Studies have found that 53% of people leave after one minute of viewing corporate videos. So, keep it short. Edit some more when you think you’re done. You have to be concise to keep your audience engaged, it helps to drive them to whatever your call to action is.

Do the SEO

A potential business video is optimized for SEO. If you add keywords in the title, description, tags, it will help your video to be easily found by people who search your brand name or keywords related to your products, services or industry.

Brand your video

To make your video look polished and professional, design a branded title card. You can also reuse the title card for your new corporate videos. It keeps all of your company’s videos brand consistent.

Edit for details and emotion

Your story is captured, but it doesn’t mean you’re completely done yet. You’ve to do the editing because it’s an important approach. It helps to make a story as well as it can break. Professional editing can take your video to the next level. It includes animation, graphics, music, etc. which give life to the video content.

Promote your video

You’ve done the editing, and you’ve successfully uploaded the video. But these are not the conclusions of your journey. You’ve to promote your video if you want to get more streaming and engagement. You can publish your content on YouTube, email it to your clients, and pitch it to relevant PR outlets.

It can be challenging for you in the beginning but don’t worry, you’re not the first one who finds it challenging. Have patience, and do the practice. You can also create high-quality content. So, stand your ground and get yourself to run your new corporate video making a campaign.

ways to create a great corporate video

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