4 Financial Secrets of the Super Successful

super successfulWould you like to be more successful?

Is one of the reasons because you’d like to have a lot more money in the bank?

If so, you might be surprised to learn about the four traits all super-successful people have in common.

The 4 Biggest Secrets of Super Successful People

Until you know the following four secrets, becoming super-successful will always be an uphill climb.

Still, if you want the money that comes from high achievement, learning these traits won’t be enough. You need to implement them, too.

1. They Don’t Care if They Look Rich

When most people think about what it would be like to make lots of money, we immediately imagine all the luxury items we would spend that newfound cash on.

This usually involves a nice, flashy car – or three.

However, the most popular car among the wealthy is actually the Ford F-150.

If you think that’s a fluke, consider the next four most popular vehicles with people who make more than $200,000 a year:

  • Jeep Grand Cherokee
  • Jeep Wrangler
  • Honda Pilot
  • Honda Civic

Not exactly the collection you’d expect to see in an issue of the DuPont Registry.

Of course, this isn’t necessarily because super-successful people are also super humble. Rather, it’s that wealthy people are rarely concerned with looking wealthy because they know how little that actually matters.

2. They Track, Track, Track

Furthermore, wealthy people know where each and every penny goes.

They are meticulous about tracking their net worth. Again, this isn’t because of their egos. It’s because they know that the economy affects the total, so by tracking their net worth, they’re also keeping tabs on powerful factors that affect it.

Managing their money is as much a part of their lives as any other. It’s second nature to them.

As a result of this hyper-focus, they are less likely to make costly mistakes or lose sight of how their money is being spent.

3. They Never Buy on Impulse

One of the reasons the super-successful don’t have a garage full of expensive vehicles is probably because they have excellent impulse control.

Since the days of Stanford’s famous Marshmallow Test, it’s been known that self-discipline is central for success. Those who lack it may find some measure of success, but it will be short-lived.

That’s why wealthy people usually aren’t impulsive. They may lack discipline in other areas of their lives but not when it comes to their money.

4. Avoiding High-Interest Loans

Even wealthy people borrow money.

In fact, many rich people borrow money specifically to invest it and make even more. Most even have taken out student loans to delay payment.

The difference is that they probably took every precaution when borrowing the money. This means avoiding high-interest loans that hurt them financially. After college these financially savvy people will refinance the higher interest student loan into a lower rate and better payment term.

Wealth Has More to Do with Mindset Than Money

Having a high-paying job or coming from a family with a lot of money will definitely help you become wealthy.

However, hopefully you now realize that wealth is also a mindset. Becoming wealthy and maintaining it has far more to do with the traits covered above. Master them in your own life and you will soon have the bank account to match.

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