4 Simple Steps to End Procrastination and Start Achieving Your Goals

start achieving your goals

Achieving your goals takes more than just hard work and persistence. Many people fail to achieve their goals because they procrastinate or don't have a clear understanding of what actions need to be taken in order to be successful.  Here are 4 steps that can get you on track to achieving your goals.

Write it Down on Paper

The simple act of writing your goal on paper transforms what was once a thought into something that is now tangible. You can literally touch it, hold it in your hands, and see it with your own eyes.  You are now 42% more likely to achieve your goal because you cared enough to write it down. It's not just that you took time to sit down and put pen to paper that matters, it is that you expressed your goal in words.  Words are powerful and the process of choosing the right words to formulate your goal means that you have a pretty good understanding of what it is that you want.  You have a journey in front of you yet but you are well on your way to achieving what was once just a dream!

Share Your Goal with Someone

Sharing your goal with someone is an effective strategy that can provide motivation and accountability along the path to achieving success.  I like to call them motivational mentors. Choosing the right motivational mentor is important because you want someone that will be honest with feedback and give you a gentle kick in the pants when it's needed.  Let's say you want to start your own business. Finding someone that has expertise in business start-ups would be ideal but not as important as finding someone who can keep you motivated and moving forward.  The Small Business Administration collaborates with organizations such as SCORE, Small Business Development Centers, and Women's Business Center's to provide mentors and other resources to help you get your start-up going and  provide advice and support for your growing business. Schedule regular “check-ins” to share your progress and discuss possible solutions to any bumps in the road you may encounter on your journey.

Break it Down

I've been teaching Science for 21 years now and I have found that one of the most effective strategies for teaching a new concept to my students is chunking or breaking down a learning objective into more manageable pieces of information. The brain has a much easier time storing and organizing smaller pieces of information than a complex or abstract concept. This same strategy can be used to break your goal down into smaller tasks.  Depending on the complexity of your goal, starting a new business or buying a used vehicle, you may need to seek counsel from a mentor with the right expertise to help you generate a complete list of sub-tasks necessary to achieve your goal.

Start Small

The Great Pyramid of Giza began with the laying of one stone block. Incredibly, this pyramid required an army of thousands 20 years to build and eventually took 2.3 Million such blocks of stone to reach an astounding 450 feet in height. All of the amazing accomplishments of mankind like the NASA Apollo Space Program for example, began with one small action. While your goal is probably not as lofty as the Apollo Space Program, taking that first step is just as important in achieving your goal as it is in achieving any goal. If you don't take that first action you will never be successful. No matter how small the action is, celebrate your success.  Whether it is going to the library to research the reliability and repair records of used vehicles on Consumer Reports or reading Start Your Own Business: The Only Start-up Book You'll Ever Need by the staff at Entrepreneur, you have begun your journey and can take pride in the fact that you have taken that first concrete action. The sense of accomplishment can foster confidence and help provide motivation to take the next step.

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