Best Money Saving Tips – Frugal Living Doesn’t Have to be Difficult

saving money Every so often I run across some great ideas on how to save money that I have to share them with my readers.  This week I found some great articles on saving money while grocery shopping, personal finance for college grads, and how to find bargains at a garage sale.

Frugal Living Doesn't Have to be Difficult

So how can Frugal Living be easy? A lot of it depends on your personality and lifestyle choices.  Are you organized and do you plan or do you live for the moment? Frugal Living doesn't have to be time consuming but it does require some planning. A budget is a must if you are not generating enough income to fund the kind of lifestyle you desire. There are many apps to help with budgeting that can help make managing your finances easy. Once you determine where your money is going the next step is deciding where to cut back on spending. This is where most individuals struggle either because they 1) dont' have clear personal and financial goals or 2) fail to control impulse spending. The answer is quite simple: live within your means.

Best Money Saving Tips

April Dykman shares some great ideas on how to make your grocery budget go farther with Want to Save on Groceries? Cook Like a Peasant

Jeff Brown who writes for Mainstreet, has some great money management advice for new college grads: Saving Tips for new College Grads

SB at One Cent at a Time tells us his secret to finding bargains: A Guide to Garage Sale Shopping

Hank Coleman at Money Q & A loves to eat out and has some great money saving advice for diners: 10 Ways to Save Money Eating Out at Restaurants

Marissa at Thirty Six Months shares some frugal advice from her Mom: Shopping the Frugal Way

We often assume that bundling is synonymous with saving money.  Odd Cents reminds us to do your homework before signing that contract: To Bundle or Not to Bundle

And last but not least, our friends over at DQYDJ suggests that credit cards can be useful in managing liquidity: All About Credit Cards and the Perfect Credit Card Spending Strategy

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