Best Saving Money Tips – Blue Monster Edition

doral blue monsterEach week I highlight the best articles I come across on frugality and saving money. In case you are wondering what's up with Blue Monster as this weeks choice of edition name,  I chose it in honor of a little game of golf being played this weekend at Doral!

Top Saving Money Articles

One Cent at a Time offers advice on saving money by living healthy : How To Be Rich? Stay Healthy

Thirty-six Months has some pros and cons of owning a home for our younger readers: Renting vs Buying in Your 20s

Smart Money Hacks always has great ideas on saving money.  This week SMH shares how to save money while maintaining your quality of life: Rising Cost of Living Getting You Down? Here's What to do About it!

FreeMoneyFinance offers some of the best deals for those who use credit cards.

The Debt Myth shares Budgeting, The Cure for What Ails You

Money QandA tells you how to save money when buying a car: Car Salesman Tricks They Do Not Want You To Know

Planning on selling a home?  My good friends at Sustainable Personal Finance offers some great tips on saving money with: 34 House Staging Tips

Fellow blogging pal PK of DQYDJ  discusses strategy and credit card spending: All About Credit Cards and the Perfect Credit Card Spending Strategy (what, no charts?)

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We were thrilled with our first mention in The Consumerist for our article Personal Financial Ratios Everyone Should Know

Jeffery Strain of SavingAdvice wrote a guest post on The Frugal Toad that was mentioned in The Consumerist and WiseBread on the same day!  Nice piece of writing Jeffrey!

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