Best Saving Money Tips – It’s Easy to be Frugal Edition

There has always been some confusion about being frugal and frugality.  I have written many articles on the subject and have always felt that saving money does not have to be difficult, it is simply a matter of priorities.  Do you value the convenience of eating out over other uses of your money such as savings or retirement?

Saving money involves a little planning before you make purchases.  There is no secret to saving money you just have to want it more than other priorities in your life.  It takes self-discipline and that is something that takes practice and effort.  If you find that you are having difficulty saving money because you impulse spend  then I recommend you look into what triggers your spending.  That is by far the best advice I could offer.  Once you are able to control impulse spending, saving money is a much easier proposition.

Hank over at Money Q&A shares a personal story about spending money on things we don't need: How to Break Your Addiction to Infomercials and Buying Crap.  Although it is about infomercials it applies to overspending in general and I recommend you read it!

Derek shares How to Save Money by Living a Simpler Life at Bucksome Boomer.

Marie shares some great ways of saving money by taking a scenic road trip: Frugal Family Fun in the American Midwest.  I have traveled some of Route 66 in Arizona and it is a great trip back in time!

My good friends at DQYDJ have managed to take a simple decision like whether to bring your lunch to work and put some serious analytical economics to work.  They even used excel spreadsheets and figured in inflation!  Save yourself some money so be sure to stop by and read What Will Save You More Money at Work Bringing Lunch or Buying Lunch? 

Newleyweds on a Budget share a story about sacrifice and planning for a future: What I will tell our children

SB over at One Cent at a Time has some advice for you love birds: How to Shop for an Engagement Ring to Maximize Value for Money

Mainstreet shares 5 Tips for Getting the Most out of a Daily Deal

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