Best Saving Money Tips – Summer Travel Edition

Each week I highlight several of the best articles related to frugality and saving money.  This week's finds include how to negotiate savings on your Hospital Bill, tips for saving money when you travel, and a great site for finding the best deals.

Frugal Toad Tip for Planning Summer Travel

Have you heard of a website called Priceline?  Of course you have but when was the last time you used it?  I recently saved 30% on lodging by using Priceline's Name Your Own Price service.  To save money on hotel, airfare, or car rental, all you need to do is select the dates, location, and name your price.  You can select the hotel star rating but not the specific hotel and location so if you need to be within walking distance of a particular attraction, this service is not for you.   The key to saving money with this service is being flexible on departure/arrival times and being willing to drive an extra few miles from your hotel to your destination.  Some other great features offered by Priceline include: email alerts and great Android & iPhone Apps to help you find travel savings while on the road.

Best Money Saving Finds

Kiplinger Bargain With Hospitals to Slash Big Bills

Krant Cents offers some great ways for saving money on insurance, groceries, and utilities.

Thirty Six Months shares 4 Ways to Save Money Traveling 

Kathy Caprino, Contributor to Forbes writes: The 5 Biggest Mistakes Career Changers Make

Thinking about upgrading to a new cell phone?  Better do it before April 22 as Verizon recently announced it will begin charging current customers a $30 upgrade fee.

Consumerist sister site Shop Smart Mag recently published a price comparison survey of 66 top-selling personal care products at 7 chain stores and websites.  The results?  Walmart came out on top with the best price on 36 products, Target had 9, while Walgreens and CVS had the highest prices.

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