Find Extra Cash Without Earning More: How a DIY Approach Can Stretch Your Money

stretch your moneyIf you’re the sort of person who always pays someone else to fix your broken things, you could be spending too much money. In fact, if you learned to manage a few DIY skills, you might have more money to stash in the bank.


Stretch Your Money by Saving Money on Home Repairs

Squeaky door hinges, hard-to-open drawers, and leaky faucets are among the home repair projects you can probably manage on your own. In fact, with a well-stocked tool box and an internet connection, you can learn to fix all sorts of things you’d otherwise pay a professional repair person to do.

Let’s start with squeaky doors. All you need to stop that irritating noise is to spray a little WD-40 into the hinges and work the door back and forth a few times. If this doesn’t do the trick, you can use a flat edge screwdriver and hammer to slightly lift the hinge pins before squirting in a couple of drops of three-in-one household oil, advises Real Simple magazine. If your floors squeak, you may be able to end that bothersome sound by sweeping some talcum powder into floor seams.

If you bathroom fixtures are stained by water that is high in minerals, you don’t have to hire a pricey porcelain refinishing company. Instead, make a paste of cream of tartar, baking soda, and lemon juice. Use equal amounts of powdered ingredients, and add just enough fruit juice to make a thick paste. Apply this paste to tub stains and rub it in with your fingers or a microfiber rag. Allow to sit for half an hour or so, then wipe away stains. If that tub has hard-to-remove non-skid sticker adhesive that you wish to remove, a quick squirt of WD-40 can do the trick.


Ways to Save Money Outdoors


Got a cane chair with a seat that’s become loose? The fix is as easy as wetting the underside of the cane with a sponge. Allow to dry overnight, and you should find the cane nicely tightened. If not, repeat the process. If you’ve got a deadbolt lock that sticks every time you try to use it, lubricate the lock. Don’t use oil; it will attract dirt over time. Instead, puff in a bit of powdered graphite lubricant, insert the key and turn it a few times. Your once stuck deadbolt should operate freely, says This Old House.

Cracks in your driveway? Don’t shell out big bucks for this repair. The reason your driveway and sidewalks have cracks is because water gets inside fissures and puts pressure on the surface. All you need to fix this is a cold-pour asphalt filler or an easy-to-use concrete crack filler and a few hour’s time.


More Ways to Stop Overspending

Saving even one percent more than you now can be a big improvement, advises CNBC. Although financial experts say that saving 20 percent is ideal, even a few unspent dollars set aside every day can add up to healthy savings at the end of the month.

Save money inside and out when you install motion-detecting lights. This is an especially helpful (and super simple) way to turn off lights every time you leave a room. If you’re the sort of person who forgets to flip off the basement light, this one simple tip can save important dollars over the course of a year.

Although it’s not a DIY repair, per se, growing your own vegetable or herb garden can be a great way to stash extra cash. Get the whole family together, and browse seed catalogs to find an abundance of yummy veggies you’ll all love to eat. When kids are involved in gardening, they may be more likely to merrily chomp the results of their outdoor efforts.


DIY Car Maintenance and Repair

Car repairs are one of the biggest expenses any family faces. If you learn to do some of your own maintenance, you can shave major bucks off your monthly expenditures. Start by ordering the Dodge service repair manuals or other manuals that are right for your make and model vehicle. Invest in a basic automotive tool set and take a class at your local community college. Car maintenance, when done regularly, can spare you all sorts of expenses down the proverbial road.

Keep your focus on the things you want in the future, not the stuff you shouldn’t buy today. Saving money the DIY way can boost your confidence and family morale.

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