FX Proves You Should Be Investing in Markets

investing in marketsOne of the great myths of personal finance is that investing is just for rich people. Non-investors think that this is a method that people of privilege use to gild their wealth. While the rich definitely do invest, it’s not their private playground. Investing is for everyone, in some form. Believe it or not, everyone is already an investor.

That’s because investing is something we all do all the time. When one invests, one is taking a resource and allocating it for some purpose. So when you’re on your phone playing Candy Crush, you are investing time in this specific purpose. When you buy a new phone because you dropped your old one and the screen broke, you are investing in a technology (which you will use to play Candy Crush). When you go to work, you are investing a lot of time in a pursuit which will result in a paycheck, which you can spend for a new phone to play Candy Crush on.

There’s not decision that you can make that isn’t an investment at heart. But there are decisions that you can make which are bad decisions. Most of us make good and bad investing decisions like the flip of a coin. Sometimes we do well, other times we don’t, and the good and the bad just cancels each other out. That’s why so many people hover near “broke”, without ever being truly destitute or totally well-to-do.

The trick is to learn to make good investing decisions more than you make bad ones. You’ve got to do this before you start sinking a lot of money in an investment of any kind. Nonetheless, sooner or later, you’ve got to sink some actual money in an actual investment. My suggestion to you is that you look at FX as an  investment option. Here’s why.

FX Trading is about timing and repetition. FX is based on the currency exchange market. You’re probably aware that currency values bounce all over the place all of the time. This is because there are a million different factors in the world which influence what any individual currency is worth: import prices, election cycles, other currency values, that sort of thing. FX allows you to try to anticipate how linked currency pairs are going to change in value, relative to one another. Get the answer right when the time period you’ve selected runs out, and you’ll see a good return. The same goes with losses.  As with any investment there is risk and you should carefully weigh your options before making any investment.

I like the fact that FX Trading through CMC Markets are available 24 hours a day, and that they offer free tutorials. Investment like this requires determination bordering on obsession, but anyone who has ever mastered a video game will do really well at it. It’s fun to learn all of the events which play into currency values, enough to help you anticipate their future behaviors with some accuracy. Because these skills cross over to all other investment forms, because you can make real money, and you have opportunities to both try for free and try often, FX trading can be an option for investors. 

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