Getting Back on Your Feet after a Loss

after a loss

Volatility is one of the characteristics of the financial markets that you need to know about. This means there are periods of highs and lows due to price fluctuations encountered by the many trading instruments.

This draws a thin line between profits and losses and landing either is something you need to be prepared for. Losses are common and any time your execution may fail to yield. Every trader has encountered this at one time in their trading activities. What defines you as a trader is how you get back to your feet and place another execution.

For industry veterans, this is a simple affair considering they have had periods of gains. The problem is if you are a beginner in the field as this can be quite discouraging. Let us look at what you can do to help you recover from losses.

Learn From Your Mistakes

Mistakes are what make us successful as they show you the path not to follow. In the face of a loss, you need to learn from the error and know how to go about it. This can incorporate changing your strategy and adopting another one.

You can change your online trading account maybe upgrade it or select one that has the instruments of your choice. Additionally, you can change the trading securities you use in case they were the main reason for your loss.

Look at other factors such as time. This is a key factor that can either make or break your trading stint. Take notes and come back to the markets stronger.

Improve Your Skills

At times inexperience is the major cause of your losses in the market. The first step is admitting that you lack knowledge in a particular area and that it has cost you in your trading stint. Let the area you are lacking in guide you to the right information to sort out such shortcomings.

You can look for a proficient trader to take you through training to improve your skills. Also, sign up to brokerage sites that offer training facilities such as webinars and online classes. If the site has a demo account the better. Use the demo account for mastery of trading.

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Keep Your Emotions At Bay

Emotions and trading never go hand in hand it can lead to poor judgment and that can cost you. Losing can lead you into an emotional situation especially if you have lost a substantial amount of funds. You do, however, need to know that losses happen and try to recover from it.

Emotions can lead to impulse trading an even forget the essential analysis part. Take some moment to cool down and come back fresh to execute winning trades and bid goodbye to the losing streak.

Take Time To Research

Research is important and paints you a clear picture of the sector. You need to take your time and research the market and see where you got it wrong. This also shows you potential markets that you can look into as part of changing your approach.

At times the market conditions were poor and you can confirm this by backtracking to the previous sessions and look for a possible pattern that you can try interpreting. Get relevant information from journals and articles and also keep up with financial news from relevant sources to know which move to make next.

Look At Funds Management

Another area you can look at when making a comeback is your funds' management. In managing your investments, come up with a plan to see that you use them wisely. Come up with an approach where you can maximize your profits while limiting your losses to manageable levels. This is a safe trading method though many times it will reduce your profit margin. In this vein, you can try out hedging.


When you get into trading you need to be prepared for losing trades. In the situation where you face a loss, look at the highlighted ways to help you get back on your feet.

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