I Have My Financial Bucket List, What About You?

financial bucket listA financial bucket list helps you to prioritize your financial goals. By writing your financial goals down on paper you are more likely to achieve them!

So here it goes in no particular order:

  • Increase funding retirement accounts by 5% this year
  • Maintain Excellent Credit Rating (currently 819) ✔
  • Downsize current home ✔
  • Save down payment for fuel efficient car
  • Continue to monitor insurance policies for proper coverage and potential premium savings
  • Continue to develop blog and web businesses with the goal of providing additional income stream now and in retirement

Having a bucket list is a great start to acheiving your financial or other goals.  In order to make sure you stay on track it is a good idea to create a plan for each goal listing concrete actions along with due dates.  It's also a good idea to set interim dates to take a quick check of your progress.  If you find that you are behind schedule set aside some extra time to focus on your next task.

How about you?  Do you have a financial bucket list?

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