How to be Frugal and Have a Life


By sowing frugality we reap liberty, a golden harvest – Agesilaus

Frugal living is making the most of what you have and there are degrees of frugality.  I tend to look at being frugal as a way to stretch my money so I can enjoy the things that make me happy.

Being frugal doesn't mean that you buy your clothes at goodwill, on the contrary I usually buy quality items since they tend to last longer.  The trick is to buy when the item is on sale.  I bought a pair of Rockport shoes several years ago on sale and I still have them.  They are my favorite pair of shoes and are really comfortable.  You can buy top quality clothing for not much more than bargain brand prices but you do have to spend a little time looking for them.

When we travel we stay at a reasonably priced hotel so we have more money to spend on making memories as I like to call it.  We belong to AAA so we always request the discounted rate after checking an online travel site like Kayak. Your kids will remember Shamu at Sea World but I doubt they will recall the designer drapes.  As long as there is a swimming pool and a game room your kids should be just fine, and besides how much time will you be spending in your hotel room?

Another way we save a little spending money is to bring breakfast with us and eat in the hotel room.  We use the savings to go out to someplace nice for dinner, maybe a place at the beach for some seafood!

I stated earlier that I try to stretch my money, notice the word try.  I do not spend hours clipping coupons, my time is too valuable to me.  I do look at the weekly specials at the grocery stores and try to combine trips.  If pork loin is on sale we may buy two and freeze one for later. I don't drive around for hours trying to save 78 cents on paper towel, we belong to Costco and buy those in bulk.

The point is being frugal has to fit your lifestyle not the other way around.  It just doesn't work for me if I am spending more time trying to save a buck than playing golf with friends, camping with my daughter, or spending time with friends and family.  Being frugal allows me to spend both my money and time on the things that are most important to me.

How much time do spend trying to be frugal or looking for bargains?

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