How to Make Extra Money on GrabPoints

make extra money on GrabPoints

It’s always a good idea to have supplemental sources of income, especially for those who work from home. They might seem to pay in peanuts at first, but these little side hustles have a way of adding up quickly as long as you do them regularly. Before you know it, you have enough savings to pay some bills or even treat yourself to something sweet without making a dent on your primary income.

To make some extra cash, some people sign up for sharing economy jobs or choose to rent out their properties like their garage, driveway, car, or the entire house. Others opt to stay home and earn online by being opinionated or getting paid for the stuff they would normally do online, anyway.

GrabPoints (established 2014) is one of those sites that rewards users for performing simple tasks online. These are known as either survey or GPT (get-paid-to), or online rewards sites. Basically, GrabPoints works with advertisers and businesses for the kind of brand engagement that will propel them forward. To reach their ROI goal, GrabPoints recruits members onto their platform who fit the type of demographic the partner brands require. In turn, these members will perform doable campaign-related tasks and earn points and rewards as they do so.  

Different Ways To Earn With GrabPoints

Signing up is free with GrabPoints. The tasks available for this GPT site, as mentioned earlier, are all familiar for anyone who has ever spent a few hours of each day online.

Surveys – Anyone who has ever taken quizzes on social media sites will be able to relate to survey-taking as a task – but this time you will actually earn from the feedback-based activity (aside from knowing what your superhero name is based on your underwear color and most current meal).

The surveys available on GrabPoints include those from verified providers like TapResearch, RevenueWall, and TheoremReach. Members can pick a survey provider that suits their demographic, or get assigned to surveys based on personal info they provided upon signing up. The points earned depend on how long and arduous a survey is, but once you reach 3000 points (or the equivalent of $3), you can request for a payout via PayPal or with the gift cards you prefer.

Videos – If you’ve ever had to sit through a short video ad to be able to finish a clip you’ve been watching, then you have an idea how partner brands get guaranteed exposure from social media platforms. This task is pretty much the same on GrabPoints – but you will get paid to watch them. You simply need to run the video to completion and then you earn points for each video you’ve finished. The good news is, you can choose the channels that match your interest so you can at least be entertained while earning. 

Offers – Completing offers first requires signing up for ones that interest you, taking care to choose the ones that you are also comfortable with. There are paid trial offers which need the payment for a trial period (with the option to cancel before a full paid subscription). There are also free trial offers that also require credit card verification. However, members can also earn by buying cashback offers with GrabPoints’ partner retailers and making points at the same time. You could also choose to test apps or visit sites and perform more actions required by each task.

Apps – Anyone with a smartphone, laptop, or tablet has downloaded apps to keep them entertained, informed, or connected to loved ones. At GrabPoints, downloading apps means earning even more points to accumulate and redeem for your chosen rewards. It’s quite uncomplicated and rewarding at the same time.

Referrals – You can also make money by referring other people to GrabPoints and benefiting from their earnings as soon as they reach their first 1000 points. There is a unique invite code you can share on your social media accounts, blog, or forum which other people will click on. Depending on the country you live in, there is a tiered system to how many bonus points you will earn per successful referral. There are 250 points for Tier 1 countries, 150 points for Tier 2, and 25 points for Tier 3.

What Makes It Worthwhile

GrabPoints promises better payouts. There is an infographic chart on their site that backs up this claim, showing just how much you can make on the platform by the hour and monthly. In a nutshell, users who log in 40 hours of use every month can earn an average of $5.64 per hour, and $225.60 per month.

Members can also expect to have their payments processed within 72 business hours, max (as opposed to other similar sites that can take weeks or even a full month in order to cash out).

The Rewards Involved

Aside from cold hard cash which you can quickly cash out given the low minimum withdrawal amount, there is a sizable gift card selection on GrabPoints, too. These GCs are categorized on the GrabPoints site by cash, crypto, gaming, and shopping, so there’s really something for everyone, young or old. The gaming ones will especially appeal to the younger and geekier demographic, with such gift cards as Steam, Rixty, Fortnite, Minecraft, Xbox, Nintendo eShop, and more. Even homemakers and busy WAHMs (work at home moms) will find the variety of shopping-related GCs like ones from The Home Depot, Target, Gap, Macy’s, Staples, Amazon, etc. pretty appealing.  

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